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    TIEI Launched the News Conference of Passing CTI Accreditation with the Highest Level

    Release Date: 2017-08-23 10:55:24


         On August 22, TIEI launched the news conference of passing CTI accreditation with the highest level in meeting room 211, TIEI building. Philippe GOURBESVILLE, director of Polytech Nice Sophia, Shan Xiaolin, party secretary, Wang Wei, vice director, Yu Mei, vice director of TIEI, Liu Gang, specialty principal of Building, Su Yuting, specialty principal of Electronics, Yin Na, supervisor of Polytech Group EU Erasmus+ Program, Marc GAETANO, associate professor of Computer specialty of Polytech Nice Sophia, Chen Sihan, vice director of HR department of Tianfang Group, Sun Ti, general manager of solution center, Tianjin region of inspur group, Zhu Yongxin, Wu Qiong, student representatives, and the journalists from a total of 9 media including the Xinhua News Agency, China Education Daily, China Youth Daily, CNR, CNS, Tianjin Daily, Tonight News Paper, TJTV, Tianjin Radio and TV attended this conference.

    The following is the translation of the original text in the picture:

    Tianjin International Engineering Institute Passing CTI Accreditation with the Highest Level


    CNR Tianjin August 23 (Journalist: Chen Qingbin, Correspondent: Jin Ying, Wang Wei) The journalist learned from Tianjin University that Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) has formally passed the international authoritative accreditation of the engineer diploma granted by CTI (Comité des Titres Ingénieur Français) of the highest level --- 6 years. This means that TIEI can issue the French engineer diploma to the Chinese graduates directly, and its characteristics of institute-running and the education quality have been highly acknowledge by the international education circles.

    CTI was established in 1934. It is an independent non-administrative machinery subordinate to the French education ministry. It operates the assessment and accreditation towards the engineer degree education and engineer universities globally, and the universities passing the accreditation are entitled to issue the engineer degree certificates acknowledged by the French education ministry, which are with the wide recognition globally.

    TIEI is a postgraduate-level engineering education reform experimental zone established by Tianjin University. The corresponding French engineer period education is independently constructed by Tianjin University. TIEIs passing CTI accreditation makes TJU become one of the few universities domestically that are entitled to issue the French engineer diplomas, and this is also the first time for CTI to grant the highest level of 6-year accreditation to a 3-school-year institute. TIEI is the first to pass CTI accreditation with non-CN-FR cooperative running model, which is also the new try for CTI outside France. This marks another significant achievement for Tianjin University during its explorations of take root on Chinas ground to run the university and absorb the advanced school-running and studies experience globally.

    Unlike the French comprehensive public universities, the French engineer education is the elite education in France. Every year, only the high-school graduates ranking top 10% across France have the opportunities to enter the preparatory courses class of engineer institute. After 2 years of studies and strict selection, about 60% among the students can enter the engineer institute for further studies. The graduation diploma of engineer institute is equivalent to the master diploma of comprehensive public universities. But the education quality of the French engineer universities is higher than that of the public universities, as well as the graduation difficulty, thus the gold content of engineer degree is very high. 16 presidents of France, near 60% of the presidents and most of the senior executives of the top 100 enterprises all graduate from the engineer institute. Tianjin International Engineering Institute recruits 100 master-degree candidates domestically every year, providing the 3-year schooling system, and setting up 3 specialty fields including Electronics, Architecture and Civil Engineering (Smart Building) and Computer Science.

    TIEI is to combine the French engineer training characteristics and Chinas engineering talents training characteristics, and to cultivate the international engineering high-end talents geared to Chinas economic and social development and the world engineering scientific and technological progress. Professor Yu Jianxing, the vice president of Tianjin University Degree Committee, president of Science & Engineering Degree Committee and the director of TIEI said.

    The courses of TIEI were jointly given by Chinese and foreign teachers, in the 2 languages of Chinese and English, and TIEI also opens French language compulsory course. Following the French engineer training model, TIEI built up enterprise club ever since its establishment and at present has 42 domestic and foreign enterprise members including Siemens, Schneider, NXP, China Architecture and China Railway. Most of the TIEI courses have no appointed textbooks, and the lecturing schemes will be adjusted combined with the engineering actual problems and enterprise requirements. Near a quarter of the courses are given by the tutors of member enterprise. The courses focus on the training of students’ innovative hands-on abilities, and the education of economics, management, communication, humanity and quality. During the studies, students should accept 3 times of enterprise internship and practice, which are 1-month blue collar internship, 3-month assistant engineer internship and 6-month engineer internship. Most of the students’ internships are held in the units of the enterprise club members. This year, TIEI has trained the first session of graduates, who will receive 3 diplomas. Except the TJU master degree, they will receive the French engineer diploma. The students are popular among the employers and the employment rate is 100%.