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    Tianjin International Engineering Institute Launched the Specialty Forums for New Students

    Release Date: 2017-08-31 11:02:52


    At the beginning of the new semester, as one of the key links for the education for new students, TIEI respectively organized the forums for the grade-2017 new students of the specialties of architecture and civil engineering, electronics and computer science. The specialty principals, teaching leaders and tutor representatives attended the forums. During the forums, the specialty principals firstly introduced the specialty construction background, developing situation and future plans, as well as the specialty training directions, scientific research situation of the guiding teachers and the subject directions, moreover, they gave detailed answers towards the training model, management system, internship, practice and other issues that the new session of postgraduates care most. After the forums, the recent relevant matters that need attention are arranged, the confirmation time of guiding teachers, formation requirements of training plans, the working procedure arrangements for the courses-selection were clarified.





    At the final link of ideas exchanging, the students consulted the issues including the developing plans of the engineer stage, the employment vision of the specialties and the employment situation of the graduates. The tutors attending the forums gave valuable opinions to the students without corresponding specialty background raising problems such as how to do well the transition of specialty studies. These forums have enhanced students’ understanding towards TIEI and the specialties, make them more clear about the efforts they should make during the future 3 years.