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    TIEI Successfully Held the Blue-collar Internship Defense for Grade-2016 Students

    Release Date: 2017-09-14 11:23:36


    (Correspondent: Liu Yingtong) On September 13, 2017, Tianjin International Engineering Institute successfully held the defense for the 1st-phase internship --- blue-collar internship for the grade-2016 students. The tutor representatives of TJU from the specialties of computer science, electronics, architecture and civil engineering, and the enterprise tutors outside TJU attended this defense as the jury. All the grade-2016 students attended this defense.


    The blue-collar internship for grade-2016 students of TIEI was finished during the summar vacation after the end of last semester. It covered various forms including students going to France for internship and exchanges, getting deeply involved into the big enterprises outside the university, attending the scientific and technological programs of TJU and else. The defense of this time has the following 3 links. Firstly, the students showed the personal or group participation situation of the internship programs to the jury via PPT. Secondly, the jury raised questions according to the personal or group reporting situation, which should be answered by the individuals or the group representatives. Finally, the jury gave the internship defense score according to students’ internship brochure and the overall situation of the defense. All of the grade-2016 students positively attended this defense and received the favorable comments from the jury. 


    TIEI closely combines with the training mode of French engineers and set up 3 phases of internship including “blue-collar internship” for 1 month, “assistant-engineer internship” for 3 months, and “engineer internship” for 6 months, so as to consolidate the students’ knowledge system, gradually cultivate their competence of working independently, and help them understand the frontier trends of the professional fields. This defense marks the successful closure of the blue-collar engineer internship for grade-2016 students of TIEI. Under the mechanism of strong university-enterprise collaboration, TIEI will train more excellent engineering leading talents for the nation.