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    TIEI Held the Graduation Ceremony of the First-Session Graduates

    Release Date: 2018-01-09 08:57:56


    (Correspondent: Liu Yingtong) On January 8th, 2018, TIEI graduation ceremony of the first-session graduates was solemnly held in the 8th meeting room, the conference building of Weijin Road Campus, Tianjin University. Representatives of 15 enterprise club members including Hu Lingbing, general manager of Tianjin Metallurgy Group, Yu Jiaxin, chairman of China Construction 6th Engineering Division Corp., Ltd, Hu Hongwei, former director of iFLYTEK limited company and present general manager of Guangdong Qiming Technology, Zheng Ailin, operation director of semiconductor microcontroller business division, Asian region of NXP (China) Management Co., Ltd were present by invitation; Xiao Shuhu, vice director of students’ affairs department and director of employment guidance center, Shan Xiaolin, party secretary and Luo Zhen, vice director of Qiushi Honors College, Yin Na, supervisor of Polytech Group EU Erasmus+ Program, teacher representatives of TIEI and all the graduates attended this ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Shan Xiaolin.

    Tianjin International Engineering Institute was established in May, 2014. As the experimental zone of higher engineering education reform and talents training, TIEI borrows the French engineer education training model, combines China’s social development and enterprises demands, dedicated to cultivate the engineer talents with innovative spirits and complying with China’s economic and social development. TIEI formulates the talents training system that integrates the Chinese and French engineering education characteristics, and builds the stable international exchanges platform and enterprise club. In May, 2017, CTI experts group came to TIEI to hold the accreditation, and had the on-site assessment towards TIEI teaching work, university-enterprise cooperation, overall management operation and else aspects, and in July, TIEI formally passed the accreditation. It is also the first time that CTI grants the maximum level of accreditation with 6 years to the 3-school-year institute in China. In November, TIEI obtained the EUR-ACE accreditation, which once again embodies that TIEI is fully approved by the international education circles.

    TIEI recruits 100 master-degree candidates domestically every year, with the school year of 3, establishes three specialty fields including computer science, architecture and civil engineering (building) and electronics. The courses for students were taught by both Chinese and foreign teachers, two languages of Chinese and English are adopted, and the compulsory course of French is set up. The enterprise club was built up ever since the establishment of the institute and at present has 42 enterprise members including Siemens, Schneider, NXP, CSCEC, China Railway Group Limited. Most of TIEI courses have no prescribed teaching materials, but to adjust the lecturing schemes according to the engineering actual problems and enterprise demands. A quarter of the courses are the guidance of the enterprise tutors in the form of engineering programs. The courses focus on the training of students’ innovative hands-on ability, attach great importance to economics, management, communication and else leadership and humanistic quality education. During the study period, the students should have the enterprise internships for 3 times, including the blue collar internship for 1 month, assistant engineer internship for 3 months and engineer internship for 6 months. This year TIEI has its first batch of excellent graduates. And it is known that most of the students have found their employers during the 3-stage internship period. The employment rate of the first-session graduates of TIEI has reached 100% and a part of the students are employed by the top 500 enterprises of the world.