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    TIEI Organized and Implemented the Activity of Fire-fighting Drill

    Release Date: 2018-03-12 15:07:57

        In order to improve the awareness of fire-controlling and safety of all the students, to enhance their ability of security protection and self-rescue, on the morning of March 9th, TIEI organized its students to implement the fire-fighting drill. The students’ counsellors, Chen Wei and Hu Shengnan explained the matters concerned about the fire-controlling and safety and instructed them to do the drill on-site.

        On the drill site, Chen Wei firstly taught the essentials of fire-controlling, the general knowledge of fire safety, the matters needing attention when escaping. After that was the on-site drill showing how to quickly flee from the fire disaster at once and do well the self-rescue in time. The students expressed that, through the safety knowledge learning and the actual fire-controlling drill, they not only have mastered the fire safety knowledge but also improved their consciousness of personal safety when encountered with the fire. It enhanced their ability of self-rescuing when faced with the disasters.

        TIEI always attaches great significance to the work of fire-controlling security. Every semester, the safety knowledge publicity and fire-controlling self-inspection work will be held irregularly among TIEI faculty and students. The drill of this time aimed to improve students’ awareness of fire-controlling, make clear the escaping routes, to really prevent the potential dangers before they emerge. Once the fire disaster happens, great efforts will be made to lower the damage to the minimum, so as to guarantee the life and property safety of all the students.