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    The Employment Situation Report of the First-group “Engineers” of TIEI

    Release Date: 2018-03-09 11:40:50


    1.The basic situation of the graduates

    The number of the graduates: The first-batch engineers of TIEI are a total of 36 graduates, among whom there are 11 from the specialty of Building, 7 from the specialty of Computer Science, 18 from the specialty of Electronics. Among the 36 students, 33 chose to obtain employment, 3 continued to study for the doctors degree.

    The employers’ introduction: The employers that TIEI graduates chose can be roughly classified into 3 categories  worlds top 500 enterprises, leading enterprises of the industry, and scientific research institutions & entrepreneurial enterprises. By far, the statistics show that the rate of graduates entering worlds top 500 enterprises (Huawei, JD, China Merchants Bank) is about 20%, that of graduates entering leading enterprises of the industry (Vanke Real Estate, LongFor, NetEase, Sohu, etc.) is about 55%, besides, a part of the students chose to enter scientific research institutions to give full play to their specialty knowledge, and another part of students chose to enter entrepreneurial enterprises to train themselves. The students continuing to study for the doctors degree occupy 8%, among whom 1 has been admitted by Tsinghua University, and 2 chose the further studies overseas.


          The employment regional distribution: According to the statistics of graduates employment regional distribution, most of the graduates enter the employers located in the first-tier cities across China. Employers located in Beijing occupy 50%, those in Tianjin, 22%, and Shanghai is 6% and the rate for the other regions is 22%.

    2.The employment characteristics of the first-session engineers

    Graduates have well-paying jobs

    According to the statistics, the average annual salary of the first-session graduates is 240, 000 RMB and the highest annual salary is 360,000 RMB. Most of the graduates had made clear their developing orientations and the targeted employers during their 3-period internship. Plus, graduates find jobs in the industries with broad areas, and the enterprises available for graduates to choose the occupation are relatively many.

    Graduates got satisfying offers earlier

    Most of the students of the 3 specialties can get satisfying offers during the peak period of the employment season; furthermore, a part of the students can get the enrollment letters of becoming regular workers before the coming of the employment season. Student Pei Shuyang, from the specialty of Electronics, directly got admitted by mi through the internship, and Student Hu Bohong also got the NetEase offer at the beginning of job-finding.

    Graduates got key training from the enterprises

    Shiguansheng of LongFor (means the excellent management talents of middle to senior levels), Xindongli of Vanke (means the selected graduates from the most famous 10 universities) and Haizhizi of China Shipping Group (means the outstanding students that the enterprise will give key training) are all the targets for the enterprises to give key cultivation, besides, the enrolled students of every year are limited. And there are 6 having been admitted among the 11 graduates of the specialty Building of TIEI.

    Employers satisfaction degree is high

    TIEI attaches great importance to the employers satisfaction degree, and through the systematic and comprehensive satisfaction degree questionnaires of the employers produced by TIEI itself, and distributing to the employers; the latter gave the overall evaluations to the institute graduates, and return the evaluation results to TIEI for statistics and analysis. According to the employers comprehensive evaluating results including TIEI students specialty ability, hands-on ability, innovative ability, management ability and the statistics of the employers towards TIEI graduates, the overall satisfaction degree is 95%.

    Colorful activities for employment instruction

    TIEI is contributed to cultivate the high-level, international and excellent engineering leading talents that can serve for the nations major developing strategies. It actively constructs the corporates club, establishes the university-enterprise cooperation platform, and most of the club members are the leading enterprises within the industry, and they can provide a great amount of the quality internship chances and employment information, moreover, they usually organize the graduates to implement the relevant courses studies of employment guidance, the mutual-selection for TIEI employment and else activities. They set up the correct values for the graduates for choosing the right jobs and guide them towards the employment, so as to guarantee the high quality of graduates employment.

    3.The feeling of the representative of the first-session engineers

    Zhu Yongxin, from the specialty of Building of the 2015 grade, as one of the first-batch engineers of TIEI, had got the offers, during his job-finding period, from the leading enterprises within the industry including Xingdongli of Vanke, LongFor Real Estate, Haizhizi of China Shipping Group, R&F Properties and CIFI Group, and finally he chose to work in Vanke Tianjin according to his willingness.

    He expressed that the unique 3-period internship of TIEI engineers makes him benefit greatly. During his internship, all those he has achieved can add brilliance to his resume for finding job as well as his life career path. During the internship, he modestly studied, cherished every opportunity, and had learned and worked based on his well-made plans and arrangements, so that the rich fruits come at the expected time.

    At last, he suggested that the juniors to make sure their efforts directions, although it is said that all the efforts cannot be wasted, we also should make the efforts more effectively. He hopes that all the TIEI students can enjoy the happiness while studying, and live rich life everyday!