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    TIEI Held the First Supervision Group Meeting for the 2nd Semester of the School Year 2017-2018

    Release Date: 2018-03-27 10:45:21


    (Correspondent: Liu Yingtong) On March 27, 2017, TIEI held the first supervision group meeting for this semester in meeting room 211, TIEI building. Wang Baoqi, Hou Zhengxin, Ren Changming and Xue Jingsheng, the four experts of the group attended the meeting by invitation. Wang Wenjie and Shi Yang, the staff of teaching affairs, and Liu Yingtong, the publicity staff attended this meeting together. This meeting was hosted by Wang Wenjie.

    Firstly, Wang Wenjie explained the courses arrangement situation of this semester to the experts of the supervision group, and had the communications and explanations towards the curriculum schedule and place adjustment of some of the courses with the experts. Then, the latter reported the class-having situation, courses arrangement and teaching progress and else relevant issues during the teaching supervision period to the TIEI staff, and put forward reasonable advices and optimizing plans for TIEI to take reference. At last, the experts had communications and adjustments towards the course-listening tasks during the supervision work of this semester, and the teaching affairs staff also expressed that they would communicate with the experts timely, and they would also optimize and adjust the situation put forward by the experts in time.

    This supervision working meeting aims to supervise and enhance the quality of TIEI daily teaching work, to grasp the problems occurring during the teaching work, and have timely adjustment and solutions towards the problems. TIEI is to constantly enhance the standardization, systematism of the teaching management, improve the teaching level of the teachers, create a fine atmosphere of cultivating the students and so as to train the high-quality and excellent talents for the nation.