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    Welcome the Polytech Nice Sophia Students to TIEI for Exchanges and Study

    Release Date: 2018-04-07 15:11:27


    Correspondent: Liu YingtongOn April 3, TIEI successfully held the welcome party for Polytech Nice Sophia students who were from France.

    At first, TIEI reporters have an interview with the overseas exchange students. Through the interview, we know that they are very happy to live in China and study in TIEI. Here, we can touch Chinese traditional culture, learn more knowledge different from France and we are very happy to make friends with Chinese teachers and classmates. We are very thankful to their help.

    In the interactive section, TIEI overseas students sang a French song. Liu Zongxin represented TIEI teacher team and welcomed the overseas students, singing an English song. TIEI students Wang Di and Xue Tengyun sang a Chinese song together named “Cheng Du” to welcome overseas students arriving at TIEI and sent the best wishes to them. Then, we did some interesting games together. The game round not only intensified our communication with the 7 overseas students, but also made our relationship closer.

    This welcome party aimed to help the overseas students adapt to the new environment at TIEI. Finally, we sincerely hope that the exchange students have a great time and memorable experience at TIEI.