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    LI Jiajun, Party Secretary Met with the President and Delegation of Polytech Nice-Sophia

    Release Date: 2018-04-09 14:29:22


    correspondent: Li YuanOn the morning of April 8th, 2018, LI Jiajun, party secretary of Tianjin University met with Prof. Alexandre CAMINADA, the newly-appointed president, Prof. Philippe GOURBESVILLE and Prof. Philippe LORENZINI in the VIP Room of Xingsun Building, Peiyang Campus. LI Wu, director of president’s office, SHAN Xiaolin, party secretary of Qiushi Honors College, YIN Na, the international programme manager of Polytech Group attended this meeting together.

    Firstly, LI Jiajun, party secretary extended warm welcome towards the coming of the delegation of Polytech Nice-Sophia and gave to them the detailed introduction of the developing history of Tianjin University and the construction progress of the Weijin Road Campus and the Peiyang Campus. President Alexandre CAMINADA expressed that further exchanges are needed in the engineering education reform work with Tianjin University during the future work, and they will continue to strengthen the communication and cooperation with Tianjin International Engineering Institute.

    Then, the attendees of the both parties held the communication towards the issues of Emerging Engineering Education (3E) development and the teaching management of Tianjin University and Polytech Nice-Sophia. LI Jiajun introduced the latest development of Tianjin University engineering schools to the French delegation and briefly summarized the arrangement work of the Intelligent Medical Specialty of Tianjin University – Tianjin Medical University, Medical Science and Technology School. Then, President Alexandre CAMINADA expressed, it is hoped that new cooperation will be made in the aspects of intelligent healthcare, intelligent machines and engines with Tianjin University, and that the joint development will be put forward in the teaching and scientific research aspects, intelligent field of the both universities.

    Prof. Philippe GOURBESVILLE and Prof. Philippe LORENZINI expressed that, the institute-running model of Tianjin International Engineering Institute had received the high-degree recognition and approval of CTI, and it is an excellent example of the French Engineer Education developing in the Chinese university. It is hoped that TIEI will continue to march forward, make explorations and keep developing in the future, so as to establish a bridge for the communication and cooperation between the enterprises of China and France, so that it can also drive the constant progress of engineering education in China, and even in the international world.

    At last, Party Secretary LI Jiajun and President Alexandre CAMINADA expected that they will have further, and more profound communications and exchanges towards the discussed issues during the Emerging Engineering Education Symposium in Tianjin University on April 9.