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    The Teachers and Students of TIEI Specialty Building Jointly Went to CSCEC for Visit and Exchanges

    Release Date: 2018-04-18 09:20:58


     On April 16, led by Zhou Ting, teacher of Specialty Building, Jean-Laurent BURLET, teacher of Polytech Nice-Sophia, the students of TIEI grade-2016, specialty of building, as well as the exchange students of Polytech Nice-Sophia went together to the North Region of China Construction Steel Structure Corp. Ltd for visit. The manager of CSCEC gave a warm welcome to the visiting teachers and students. Led by the manager of technology center, CSCEC, the TIEI teachers and students visited the workshop of the North Region, CSCEC and the GS-Building Steel Structure Fabricated Model House together.

    “Through inspecting the whole process on site, we not only have gained the deep impression, but also earn the ability to better master the specialty knowledge. In the exhibition room of GS-Building, the series-product of Steel Structure Fabricated Model House, CSCEC, we can understand the specialty fundamental knowledge by details, as well as a whole complete set of the GS-Building construction process. Students got touch with the frontier products of the industry, and have better combination of theories and practice, so that they really have learned a lot.” --- Shi Ruiqi, student of specialty building, grade-2016.

    It is known that CSCEC is the largest steel structure enterprise in China, as well as the national high-tech enterprise, which belongs to the world-500-top company, China State Construction Company. The operation region covers the whole China and even the international markets, and that the manufacturing capacity of per year is beyond 1200 thousand tons, ranking the first among the industry. It has many international accreditations relevant to that industry.

     By: Liu Yingtong