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    The Delegation of Sino-French Engineer School of NJUST Arrived at TIEI for Visit and Survey

    Release Date: 2018-04-23 09:29:19

    On April 20, 2018, Yang Sen, executive vice director, Wang Haoping, vice director, Yao Yunxia, specialty principal and Zhu Xiaoxuan, academic affairs administrator of Sino-French Engineer School of NJUST arrived at TIEI for visit and survey. Shan Xiaolin, party secretary of TIEI met with the delegation in the Meeting Room 211 of TIEI Building. Chen Wei, students’ counselor, Wang Wenjie and Li Yuan, academic affairs staff, Liu Zongxin, foreign affairs staff, Liu Yingtong, teacher in charge of publicity and Liu Yang, teacher in charge of enterprise club gave warm welcome to the delegation and attended the forum.

    Firstly, Shan Xiaolin, party secretary of TIEI introduced the TIEI recent situation to the delegation, and gave a brief explanation towards TIEI preparing for CTI accreditation, CTI experts holding accreditation for TIEI in the last May and else matters. Then, the attendees listened to the situation introduction of the delegation towards Sino-French Engineer School of NJUST. And then, the administrative management teachers’ team introduced their work responsibility to the delegation one by one, and offered detailed answers and explanations to the questions around CTI accreditation, teaching and students’ management raised by the delegation of Sino-French Engineer School of NJUST. At last, the attendees held in-depth discussion over the aspects of the management mechanism, daily teaching and the students’ management work of the two parties.

    Yang Sen, the executive vice director expressed that, the visit and survey to TIEI this time not only help them obtain the precious experience relevant to CTI accreditation, but also make deeper the future exchanges and cooperation between the two schools, so that it is very much rewarding and meaningful. It is hoped that the two parties will have more mutual studying and further enhance the mutual communication in the field of engineering talents training in the future.


    By: Liu Yingtong