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    Qiushi Honors College Held the Activity --- College Leader Reception Day

    Release Date: 2018-05-09 15:41:58

    (Correspondents: Liu Yingtong, Hu Shengnan) On May 8, 2018, to comprehensively implement the working arrangement of “Publicity Month for the Party Rules and Disciplines”, Qiushi Honors College successfully held the activity of “College Leader Reception Day” in meeting room 206, TIEI Building of Weijin Road Campus. Shan Xiaolin, party secretary, Chen Wei, students’ instructor of Qiushi Honors College, Hu Shengnan, 2 + N instructor for the students and the student representatives in the campus attended the discussion for this activity.

    First of all, Shan Xiaolin mentioned in his statement, “at the initial stage of the establishment of Qiushi Honors College, the objective conditions were arduous; however, Tianjin University gave increasing importance and support to the college, so that it is developing and flourishing forward. Meanwhile, the development of the college cannot do without the great efforts of the students, and that the college would like to spend every effort to support and encourage the students to develop.” And he then gave detailed explanation to the questions raised by the students. Chen Wei, the students’ instructor then gave the additional explanation for the working items and arrangement of the students for the recent period. Shan Xiaolin carefully listened to the situation reflected by the student representatives during the recent studying and life and Hu Shengnan did the recording. At last, Shan answered some of the students’ questions and hoped that they can focus more on the developing of the overall qualities besides the learning of the knowledge in the books. He suggested that the students and learn more things beyond the books, maintain the positive and optimistic attitude, and attach great significance to the cultivation of their emotional quotient. As to the situation reflected by them during this discussion, the college will give the close following and solve the problems as soon as possible. The attending students expressed that they had received satisfying answers.

        This activity aims to let the QHC students understand the working items and trends of TIEI, build up a bridge for the communication among teachers and students, listen to the questions that the students encountered with during the studying and life and help them solve them reasonably, so as to help the students study and develop in the harmonious environment and atmosphere.