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    TIEI successfully held the activity of French language knowledge

    Release Date: 2018-05-10 15:19:00

    In order to improve TIEI study environment construction, we feel pleased to see the grade of 2014 students have a good habits to help each other in their study and it will be continues today.

    On 9th May, in order to help TIEI students review and study well on French, TIEI student held the activities about “knowledge of French language”. The French language activity speaker is the major of Electronics student XING Lin. TIEI three majors, about twenty students took part in this activity.

    Student XING Lin is good at studying French and accumulates a lot of experience. At the beginning of the activity, XING Lin knew the students’ French level through the Simple French talk. Then, XING Lin shared the experience about how to study well in French. Her experience fully motivated the students’ enthusiasm to learn French and establish confidence in learning French.

    Next, through the knowledge of French book to study, XING Lin taught the French words and grammar and connected with the exercises to combine the difficult knowledge. She also shared some skills with everybody. In the end, XING Lin patiently answered the questions from everyone. Everybody said, this activity not only help them to study in French but also make them have enough confidence to do it well. And they hope to have more chances to take the activities in the future.


    By LIU Yingtong