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    TIEI Successfully Held the Training Seminar of “Resume Decoration”

    Release Date: 2018-05-11 15:26:54

    At 3:30 PM of May 10, 2018, the training seminar with the theme of “Resume Decoration” was successfully held in the meeting room 206, TIEI Building. The speaker of this seminar is Wang Lingyan, the senior HR from CETC Research Institute 18. Chen Wei, students’ instructor and Liu Yang, teacher in charge of enterprise club of TIEI gave the reception and attended this training seminar.

    “The resume is like your personal business card, and an excellent resume is always the key condition for achieving the success.” First of all, teacher Wang Lingyan gave a brief self-introduction and explained her working experience to all. Then, Wang got straightly to the point, presenting the detailed introduction on what is a good resume --- she pointed out a qualified resume must be concise and forceful, and a successful resume should put emphasis on the personal relevant work, practice and project experience based on that foundation. And then, Wang listed the important content and matters needing attention one by one, so as to help the students get a preliminary understanding towards how to make a resume. After that, she analyzed the core advantages for the matching posts and explained how to decorate the resume according to the common problems occurring in the resume in the former experience. At last, she gave the on-site guidance in person for the resume-making of the students, and let them get much clearer direction of how to edit their resumes.

    The training seminar of “Resume Decoration” aims to let students have a better knowledge of how to “decorate” their resumes, and it increases the career competitiveness of them, and lays a solid foundation for the successful employment of the graduates-to-be.