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    Qiushi Honors College, Tianjin University and Wanying Homeland, Shuangxinjie Residential District Reached the Co-building Cooperation of the Party Bra

    Release Date: 2018-05-15 11:42:12

    In the afternoon of May 14th, the contract-signing ceremony for co-building of the faculty party branch of Qiushi Honors College (QHC), Tianjin University (TJU) and the community party branch of Wangying Homeland, Shuangxinjie residential district, District Jinnan was held in the community of Wanying Homeland. Shan Xiaolin, party secretary of Qiushi Honors College, Li Ming, vice secretary of party working community, Shuangxinjie, Jinnan District attended this activity, and the party members of both sides, as well as the representatives of the party members and residents of the community attended this discussion. The discussion was hosted by Li Xinhong, party branch secretary of Wanying Homeland Community, Shuangxinjie residential district.

    During the discussion, Shan introduced the overall situation of QHC and its party branch. He mentioned in his speech that, as one of the experimental units of Tianjin University --- Jinnan District Community for People Cultivation via Practice, Mao Yisheng Youth League branch of grade 2017, QHC, TJU forms pair with the party branch of Wanying. And now, on this basis, the co-building activity of the party branches of both sides is carried through. Shan expressed that, via the co-building of both sides, and the activity of party members into the community, it is hoped that the university-region cooperation can be further promoted and deepened, so as to implement the Knowledge and Action Going Hand in Hand mentioned by general secretary Xi Jinping during the teacher-student discussion in Peking University, lead the community residents and youth students in the ideology and politics, and finally improve the service consciousness of the party members. Every student party member can better understand the situation of the nation, the society and the people through practice, so that their patriotism and social responsibilities can be trained, and they can contribute more power for the economic and social development of Tianjin. Then, Shan Xiaolin represented QHC to donate a total of 100 books contributed by the student party members and student youth league branch of grade-2017 Mao Yisheng Class 1 of QHC to Yang Chunrong, the resident representative of the community.

    Li Ming firstly showed warm welcome to the delegation of QHC, TJU, he said that under the new historic condition, they are facing great challenges for doing well the community work, and they need the support from the university. He also mentioned that, Shuangxinjie always put the party construction work at the significant position, and the community party members give full play to their own advantages and jointly construct the civilized and harmonious community environment. He believes that the cooperation will inject more cultural strength for the community, let its culture develop further and then promote the various work.

    Shi Ziqing, secretary of faculty party branch, QHC, TJU, and Yang Chunrong, community representative held the speeches, and Zhang Zijian, party branch member of QHC shared his thoughts of reading the book Xi Jinping Telling the Stories. They all believe that the cooperation and co-building are of great meaning, not only enriching the branch life of the both sides, but also invite the good habit of reading into the community through book-donating, that fully promote the cultural construction of Wanying. It is known that the both sides will hold more social practice activities such as visits and volunteer services.

    At last, the both sides signed the party branch co-building agreement witnessed by all the attendees. It represents that the both party branches reach the cooperation and the ceremony was brought to a successful closure. In the future party member work, the both sides will fully combine the theory and practice, and give active play to the pioneering and leading role, implement the work to the basic level and well serve the mass.


    By TIEI  CHEN Wei; LIU Yingtong