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    TIEI Postgraduates Recruitment Publicity Conference for 2019 (Southern China Line) was Successfully Held

    Release Date: 2018-05-16 09:46:43

    (Correspondent: Li Yuan) To continuously implement the postgraduates recruitment publicity work of Tianjin International Engineering Institute, enhance the understanding of the candidates across the country towards Tianjin University and TIEI, during May 12 – 14 of 2018, associate professor Zhou Yuan, specialty teacher of TIEI, Shi Yang and Li Yuan, teachers in charge of academic affairs and students recruitment of TIEI followed the students’ recruitment office of postgraduate school, Tianjin University and went to the cities of Wuhan, Changsha and Nanchang to hold the specialized publicity conferences for the postgraduates recruitment.

    During the conference, the postgraduate school of Tianjin University firstly gave the detailed introduction towards the overall situation, postgraduates’ education, summer camp, scholarship and students’ grant, recommended-for-exemption-of-exams policy and the unified examinations of the city of Tianjin and Tianjin University, and pointed that as a famous university with profound history, Tianjin University never stops pursuing the higher level, and it is the sincere hope that every candidate and fulfill their dreams in Tianjin University. Then, every college did the self-introduction. Teacher Zhou Yuan also introduced the training system, institute-running system, planned specialty orientation of the recruitment of TIEI to the students, encouraging that the students of relevant specialties can actively apply for TIEI. During the link of face-to-face communication between the college tutors and the candidates, the teachers patiently answered the various questions raised by the students of Southern China line, and offer them deeper understanding towards TIEI, as well as solve the doubts and questions of them for the postgraduates entrance examination, and help them better and more clearly understand the matters related to the application, and increase their confidence for applying for TIEI. All the students interested in pursuing for postgraduates studies are welcomed to have further understanding towards the latest trends of Tianjin International Engineering Institute via the official website and the We-chat platform of TIEI!