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    General Regulations of Tianjin XEDA Group Recruitment

    Release Date: 2017-04-12 09:28:53  

    General Regulations of Tianjin XEDA Group Recruitment

    The basic information of the group:

    Group name: Tianjin XEDA Group

    Recruitment Cut-off Time:

    Recruitment information content

    If the employers raise unreasonable requirements such as holding in-advance training or collecting the training fees, please consider cautiously and timely report the matter to your school or the employment guidance center. Telephone of employment guidance center: 83613600/27401081

    General Regulations of Tianjin XEDA Group Recruitment

    I. Brief introduction of the company

    Tianjin XEDA Group was established on September 27th, 2002, co-funded by Tianjin Xiqing Economic Development Head Company and Tianjin Xiqing Economic Development Head Company Construction Service Company, and it is a government-owned enterprise with the developing and construction of the industrial plants, office buildings, the selling and renting of plants and office buildings. The company is subordinate to Xiqing Economic Technological Development Area Management Committee, having received great support from the committee and Xiqing District Committee for many years. After several years, XEDA now is having “eight parks and one city”, including Jianfu Park, Xeda Park, Huiya Park, Jimei Park, Mould Park, Engineering Park, Newly Developing Industrial Park, New Engineering Park and the International Industrial Park. The architecture area has reached over 1300,000 m², absorbing near 200 foreign capital enterprises, successfully providing excellent mating service platform for the business canvass of Xiqing Developing Area. The settled enterprises into the developing area has P&G, Freescale Semiconductor, Panasonic, FedEx, Taiwan Rixin, Japan FURUKAWA ELECTRIC, Korea Samwha Electric, Australia Schenck and the other famous enterprises.

    The company always focuses on the bringing-in of excellent talents. To adapt to the rapid development, the company selects talents from many universities of famous brand every year into the team of XEDA. We believe that the XEDA team of strong professionalism, vitality and energy is the core advantage for XEDA to increase its competitiveness. The bringing-in of excellent talents makes XEDA business more professional. We are looking forward to the entering of the talents of high comprehensive quality, strong professional ability into our team, to grow up together with XEDA and make the brilliant future together!

    II. Recruitment post and the basic requirements

    Post                     Education background     Major

    Party affairs staff           Bachelor and above      Philosophy, politics

    Administrative staff        Bachelor and above       Enterprise management,

    industry management

    Early stage staff            Bachelor and above      Planning

    Security staff              Bachelor and above      Security engineering

    Assistant electric engineer   Bachelor and above      Architecture electric, electric power

    Financial accounting        Bachelor and above      Accounting, financial management

    HR staff                  Bachelor and above      Human resources management

    Development staff         Bachelor and above      Economy, planning

    Electric power staff         Bachelor and above     Electric power and automation

    Marketing planning staff     Bachelor and above     Marketing

    Legal affairs staff           Bachelor and above     Law


    Basic requirements

    1. Graduates of national unified recruitment.

    2. Honest, optimistic, healthy and no bad conduct record.

    3. Be of strong sense of responsibility, studying ability and good team coordination spirit, able to bear the working pressure, of good writing and oral expression abilities.


    III. Recruitment procedures

    Resume submitting(on line)→Campus career talk (on-site) → 1st round of interview → 2nd round of interview (writing test) → final interview → recruitment notice


    IV. Enrollment method

    1. Via email: name + university + major + applied post2. On-site career talk receives the resumes


    V. Contact method

    Company address: 3rd floor, E1 building of XEDA newly developing industrial park in Tianjin Xiqing Economic Development Area

    Company website:


    Contact telephone: 022-83988888-8606

    Contact person: Ms. Cao in HR department

    More details please refer to: