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    [Students’ Recruitment Work] Constitution for TIEI 2018 Recruitment of Students Recommended for Exemption of Examinations for Master Degree

    Release Date: 2017-09-07 13:03:17  


    The excellent graduates of this year from the universities across the country are welcome to apply for TIEI 2018 postgraduates recommended for exemption of examinations for master degree (hereinafter referred to as: recommended exemption students)

    To make 2018 reception work of recommended exemption students operate orderly and normatively, we now formulate the following regulations as the constitution with the relevant detailed matters:

    I. Basic qualifications for application

    1. The applicants should support the leadership of CPC, with good morality, observing disciplines and obeying the laws;

    2. The body health condition of the applications should meet the physical examination criteria formulated by the Ministry of Education;

    3. The applicants should be the graduates of 2018 from the general universities of higher education, with the excellent scores during undergraduate years, that the specialty scores or overall scores ranking in front of the specialty;

    4. The applicants should be in the recommended exemption students name-list by the universities that recommend;

    5. The applicants who have ever published the academic papers during the undergraduate years, or received the scientific & research achievements, or won the awards in the domestic or overseas major competitions are given the priority for admission;

    6. The applicants should have never received any punishments during undergraduate years.

    All the 2018 graduates from the general universities of higher educations that accord with the above qualifications can apply for the recommended exemption students of TIEI.

    II. Subsidy and award policies

    1. All those who have transferred their membership credentials into Tianjin University and have been admitted as the full-time non-directional postgraduates: recommended exemption master postgraduates can receive additional fund for assisting the research of at least 2400 yuan on the basis of the fundamental subsidy of 6000 yuan per year in the first school year after entering university. The excellent ones can receive the academic scholarship of different amount, and they can apply for the master postgraduate national scholarship of 20000 yuan during studies.

    2. For the recommended exemption students from the universities with the establishment of postgraduate schools approved by the Ministry of Education, or the universities of 985 project (including the students of Tianjin University), with the overall scores ranking top 15% in the universities that recommend are awarded 2000 yuan for one time after entering university; for the recommended exemption students from the universities of 211 project, with the overall scores ranking top 5% in the universities that recommend are awarded 1000 yuan for one time after entering university. Note: the above overall scores ranking is subject to the archival information of “the information disclosure and management service system for national excellent graduates of recommended exemption for master degree” of the Ministry of Education (hereinafter referred to as the “service system of recommended exemption”, with the website of: http://yz.chsi.com.cn/tm)

    3. For the recommended exemption students from the universities of cities or provinces except Tianjin, a one-time travel subsidy of 500 yuan is given after their entering the university.

    III. Application procedures for the recommended exemption students

    Before the openness of “application system of recommended exemption students” of the Ministry of Education on September 28th, the candidates from universities except TJU with the willingness of participating in the reexamination of recommended exemption of TIEI should fill in the application wills via TJU application system of recommended exemption (website:; candidates passing the first inspection and admitted to attend the reexamination should provide the following materials:

    1. TJU Application Form for 2018 Recommended Exemption Postgraduates for Master Degree (to be printed after the filling-in);

    2. One copy of undergraduate studies transcript, stamped by the official seal of the undergraduate affairs office or the college-level units (the red-seal original copy)

    The material arranging and submitting method: the materials provided should be in the size of A4 paper (transcript can be in the format of the universities), the application materials should be submitted to the postgraduates-teaching-affairs teachers or reexamination secretaries of the applied colleges before the reexamination, once received, the materials will not be returned.

    In addition, the candidates should provide the following materials in case of the checking during the reexamination:

    1. The student ID card and identity card of the person;

    2. The score of national foreign language examination or qualification certificate;

    3. Candidates with the published academic papers, scientific & research achievements or award certificates should provide the relevant certificates.

    IV. Arrangement of receiving work

    1. The applicants should submit the applications towards the corresponding specialties via “service system of recommended exemption” (website: http://yz.chsi.com.cn/tm) during the opening period (September 28th to October 25th, 2017).

    2. TJU is to inspect the application information in batches, with the principal of “to firstly inspect the first applications”, select the excellent ones, until the quota is full, and to send the reexamination notices to the candidates qualified via “service system of recommended exemption”.

    3. Basic requirements for the reexamination admission

    The reexamination is to test the overall qualities of students’ morality, intelligence, physics, competence, attitude and else aspects, focus on the scientific research innovative potential of students, the understanding towards disciplines, the comprehensive application abilities of the discipline knowledge and the knowledge background of the candidates.

    The reexamination adopts the combination of written test and interview. TIEI will timely select the candidates according to the situation of the applicants and send the reexamination notices, organize the reexaminations in batches. The detailed reexamination time will be decided by TIEI, and all the relevant work should be finished before October 24th, 2017.

    4. All the candidates passing the reexamination and accepted by TIEI will receive the notices of waiting for admission from the universities via “service system of recommended exemption”, after receiving the notices, the candidates should confirm the admission via “service system of recommended exemption” within 24 hours, or they are regarded as giving up the admission.

    5. The publicity and releasing of the admission information. The name-list of all the candidates planned to be admitted by TIEI should be publicized on website of TJU postgraduates’ recruitment office (http://yzb.tju.edu.cn/), the publicity time is no less than 10 working days.

    V. Other explanations:

    1. The applicants should ensure the truth and correctness of all the application materials. If any faked or wrong information is found, TIEI will cancel the admission qualification of the candidate.

    2. No body test will be arranged during the reexamination period, and the body testing work will be launched during the registering period when the new students entering the university in the next year.

    Note: the above policies and time nodes arrangements can be referred to the 2018 documents of Ministry of Education. If there are any changes, please refer to the regulations of Ministry of Education in 2018.

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