Leadership of international engineering institute:



Yu Jianxing

Chinese Director of TIEI






 French Director of TIEI





Shan Xiaolin

Secretary of the Party Committee of TIEI





Gong Jinlong

Executive Director of TIEI



Yu Mei

Chinese Academic Vice Director of TIEI





Wang Wei

Administrative Vice Director of TIEI 





      Philippe Lorenzini

      French Academic Vice Director of TIEI



Party Secretary, Vice Director for Administrative Management is mainly responsible for:

    Monitoring students' study,

    Organizing evaluation of various students’ scholarship,

    Organizing activities of various students’ competition and extracurricular activities for students,

    Management of student associations,

    Board committee members’ communication,

    Establishment of the committee’s charter,

    Organization of the enterprise club’s activity, the communication with the enterprises,

    Cooperation between the institute and the enterprises in the aspects of teaching and scientific research,

    Implementation of students’ enterprise internship,

    Daily administration of the institute,

    Management of fund in the institute,

    Administrative management of evaluation and appointment of academic titles,

    Administration management of human affairs,

    Welfare for teaching and administrative staff of the institute.


Vice Director of teaching is responsible for the organization, process and following of class, management of student and schoolwork. The main responsibilities are:

    Constructing English curriculum,

    Setting up teaching plan of courses,

    Coordinating the use of teaching resources,

    Organizing to set up the teaching plans,

    Management of course syllabus,

    Arrangement of the teaching schedule,

    Evaluation of teaching,

    Mastering students' learning situation,

    Purchasing and management of instruction, devices and materials of the institute,

    Safety and security of the institute.