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Under the leadership of the leading team, Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) has three administrative teams that are responsible for specific matters of the institute, and relevant management personnel of the Executive Committee shall be responsible for management of various affairs of the institute .

Student affairs office assists the party secretary in the institute. It is mainly responsible for the ideological and political education and daily management of the students; inspecting and instructing the class work; taking command of the states of the students such as discipline, learning, daily life; checking the process for the implementation of rules and regulations for students.

Teaching affairs office is responsible for arranging and conducting the teaching plan; arranging the schedule for every semester; coordination with teachers; calculating the workload of the teachers; organizing all kinds of examinations; inputting the records of the students' grades and managing the archives of all students, etc.

The administrative office is responsible for drafting work report and summary and writing meeting record of the institute. The office assists the leaders in making rules and regulations, organizing and coordinating important meetings as well as important activities of the institute. The office would help with reception, managing the personnel, making financial budget.