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According to the industry trends and needs of national industries and enterprises in personnel training, Tianjin International Engineering Institute regularly revises the training plan based on the conditions of disciplinary development, and regards the plan as the basic requirements for managing departments, teachers and students must follow and implement in the cultivation work. According to the strategic requirements of China's educational structure adjustment, taking meeting the demands and improving the quality as the main line, the talents training scheme of Tianjin International Engineering Institute not only conforms to the principles of the CTI certification, but also combines with training standards of masters of engineering in Tianjin University.
After in-depth discussion, the three Development Committees formulate the training program for the three majors of electronics, computer science and building, which is approved after the final review of all sub-committees and degree evaluation committee of Tianjin University. Firstly, TIEI is determined to adopt the schooling system of three years; secondly, the training program is set according to the curriculum modules; and thirdly, the graduation standard is that the students are qualified for graduation after the course learning of 2,000 school hours, three-phased practice and internship and qualification of enterprise evaluation, and the paper publication is not compulsory.
Programs for 2016