Participation in the Area of Community Economy

One of the most important functions of TIEI is to make contribution to social economic development, to promote innovation and gradually to make TIEI a main personnel-training base, which effectively serves the development of society and economy.

TIEI adopts internationalizing education modes to cultivate high-level engineers, and continuously strengthens the cooperation with regions, industries around the world. At present, in China, Tianjin University has set up 36 enterprise-joint research institutes, 10 research institutes, and 15 technology-transferring branches. Moreover, TJU has also established more than 20 international laboratories, which relates to three domains: Information Technology, Computer Engineering and Civil Engineering. TIEI shares those resources so that the students can take advantage of those laboratories to design their projects.

TIEI focuses upon the combination of regional pillar industry and preponderant subjects. In the process of cooperation with local governments, focus is placed upon how to serve the regional economic development with our preponderant subjects, which are always the key issues of attaching importance to our academy. According to characteristics of our preponderant subjects, which refer to Building, Electronics and Computer Science, TIEI strengthens the layout of regional cooperation to provide convenient conditions for the local pillar industries and our preponderant subjects. So far, Tianjin University has established comprehensive cooperation with 16 provinces or autonomous regions, and more than 40 cities, districts and counties.

TIEI takes excellent advantage of the resources, makes breakthroughs in key technological fields to promote industry cooperation. On one hand, taking the industry alliance as the basis, TIEI benefits from full and comprehensive advantages of subjects and leads the development of the industry. On the other hand, TIEI makes great breakthroughs to help the industries to upgrade their overall level.

University-enterprise Cooperation Mode

With the globalization of the world economy, in order to maintain rapid and sustainable development, enterprises must carry out industrial restructuring, upgrading and innovation, which put forward higher requirements for the engineering talents in quantity and quality.

For furthercooperation with industries, strengthening Industry-University-Research cooperation is a necessary requirement for building an innovative country, enhancing the capability of independent innovation of enterprises and improving the quality of innovative engineering talents training. Enterprises are required to participate in engineering training through closely university-enterprise cooperation mode. They will provide students with opportunities to pursue their courses offered by enterprises and to take engineering training. In addition, enterprises also participate in the guidance in multiple aspects, such as the process of students' practice, projects researching, courses and papers. The cooperative enterprises provide professional lessons to TIEI students, and the contents are related to building, civil engineering, information technology, computer science, automation, etc. In addition, these experts will give an account of their work experience and their views on current technology problems.

Part of the experts in the research field and business field participate in TIEIstudents' admissions, graduation thesis defenses and daily internal competitions. As the judges of those activities, the enterprises can explore students' potential from a different viewpoint.

Students will get three opportunities to practice in enterprises during in TIEI, including:

1. Blue-collar Internship

The first enterprise practice will take place in the summer vacation after two semesters, with "blue-collar practice" as the theme, for a period of one month. The goal of the practice is to provide the students, as the enterprise workers, with basic working knowledge, to understand what the enterprise is, to contact with enterprise-working environment and to understand enterprise organization form and operation mode. Before the formal practice, the principles of the enterprises will come to our institute to give lectures for students, introducing their own business situation and operation mode, to enable students to fully understand the enterprise. TIEI will make it as a checkpoint that whether students have participated in the practice.

2. Assistant Engineer Internship

The second internship will take place in the fourth semester, with "Assistant Engineer Internship" as the theme, for a period of 3 months. In this process of this internship, students will contact with a large amount of the actual situation of the factory production. Besides, students can acquirein-depth professional knowledge as assistant engineers, and finally make a formation of internship report and make a reply. The students in this internship will further clarify their occupation planning. College and internship enterprises respectively appoint mentors for students. School and enterprise mentors' timely exchange the information of students' internships, estimate the practice effect together, and finally give them intern grades.

3. Engineer Internship

The third business internship, "Engineer Internship", will take place in the sixth semester, which will also be regarded as graduation project, for a period of six months. Every student will have two tutors, and the subject for practice will be identified and accounted jointly by the supervisors. And the grade of this internship will account for half of the third year's grade. In this internship, students will be as an engineer to solve practical engineering problems. Moreover, the intern companies should be the enterprises in the field that students want to work in the future. Fortunately, the student can be hired by his internship enterprises. TIEI professors and enterprises mentors will offer students some research subjects, the research thesis (project). Internship achievements shall be evaluated by enterprises. Only students, whose achievements are evaluated as qualified, can enter defense stage. Students have to write internship research report (or research paper). At the same time, as the graduation thesis to apply for a master's degree, the Defense Committee consisting of teachers, school internship tutors, enterprise mentors and alumni representatives etc., their responsibility will be reviewing reports and give scores. All reports should be completed in English.

    The three internships will greatly expand the horizons of students and consolidate student's knowledge system in different degrees, exercise, improve their ability to work independently, and help them to better understand the enterprises in the fields of their own professions, so they can gain a more adequate understanding of the work.

 Mutual Aid and Support

    TIEI powers closely cooperative enterprises in solving enterprises' problems through selecting experts into in-depth business line to solve technical problems. Besides, TIEI also opens the seminars, and constantly improves the quality of the students in order to help the students prepare for the enterprises. In additions, TIEI also set up joint construction talent training base, and more than 20 enterprises have set up the students-practice-and-entrepreneurial base, to keep the university and enterprises staying in contact completely.

    Directly or indirectly, the cooperative enterprises provide support for TIEI, especially in the aspect of institute management and education. The expert group is composed by many well-known entrepreneurs, answering questions for students, building a business practice base with institute and opening the hotline network, to provide students with entrepreneurial guidance and to help students with the first step towards entrepreneurship.

 Financial Participation of the Government

    TIEI promotes the government's establishment of a special fund, organizes the depth University-Industry fusion. TIEI establishes extensive cooperation with the domestic and the foreign cities. Those cities (or districts) governments will set up a special fund for supports of various forms of corporations, such as the deep cooperation of Tianjin University and the enterprises in the city (District), the cooperation of enterprises is combined with technological innovation, and university-enterprise cooperation to build a joint research institutes and high-level personnel training.