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    Introduction of Reachwonder Collaborative Laboratory

    Release Date: 2017-05-09 14:51:19  

    ReachWonder Technology Co., Ltd    

    Founded in 2007, the company is a system integrator focusing on the urban integrated intelligent landing service. The company has been upholding the business concept of integrity and innovation, as well as being professional, efficient and reasonable, making unremitting efforts with a professional and efficient service system serving for the city’s emergency mechanism and operational efficiency.

    Science and technology change life, and creation is everywhere.


    ReachWonder R & D Department    

    The company’s R & D department has rich experience and management qualifications in the IT software and hardware system development for government agencies, enterprises and institutions. The Department has a strong professional team, who can directly provide customers with informational consultation, planning, design, development, implementation and services.


    We are a team dedicated to the construction of a smart city, intelligent life, creating and enhancing your business value

    A team that goes all out to provide customers with a complete solution

    A team that focuses on continuous independent innovation to improve the level of IT industry services