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    Tianjin R&F Properties Profile and Project Introduction

    Release Date: 2017-05-09 14:59:13  

    Tianjin R&F Properties Profile and Project Introduction


    Company Profile

    Established in November 2004, Tianjin R&F Properties was a real estate development enterprise co-invested and jointed set up by Guangzhou R&F Properties and R&F (Beijing) Properties. Tianjin R&F Properties is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guangzhou R&F Properties, registered capital of 604.28 million Yuan. As a key real estate development area of Guangzhou R&F, Tianjin R&F strives to meet the requirements of the Group’s overall strategy and follow closely Tianjin’s urban development plan by making the current projects more competitive and upgrading the products. With an international strategic vision, Tianjin R&F Properties retains and makes good use of urban scarce natural resources in an environmental-friendly way for China’s high-end consumer groups to build a life and social platform from a truly international perspective. What the customers have are no longer simply villas and houses, but the upgraded products carefully developed by Tianjin R&F Properties, an integration of the city’s scarce natural resources, the most advanced concept of living and a high-end life and social platform in China.


    Tianjin R&F will maintain its developmental momentum in 2016 so that the business indicators in 2017 will reach a new level. At the same time, the company will continue to optimize the management system to adapt to the requirements of its expansion. Tianjin R&F’s development projects include: R&F Town Project, R&F Peach Orchard Project, R&F Bay Project, R&F Jinmen Lake Project, R&F Center Project, R&F Guangdong Building Project, Jinnan New City Project, R&F New Town Project, Shangyueju Project and Liulin Project.


    Within over ten years of the company’s business operation in Tianjin, Tianjin R&F has made a lot of achievements through its scientific management system. The company’s over 400 qualified employees have rich experience in various fields, including architecture, structural engineering, industrial and civil construction, human resources, administration, financial management, property management, etc. The number of the employees with a doctorate or master’s degree accounts for about 10% of the total number of staff, those with a bachelor’s degree accounts for nearly 85%, and those with all kinds of qualifications and titles accounts for more than 80%. The company has a large number of staff with professional qualifications, such as Class-I Registered Architects, Class-I Registered Structural Engineers, senior engineers, Certified Public Accountants, registered tax accountants, registered cost engineers, registered real estate valuers, economists, senior accountants, etc.


    Key Projects of Tianjin R&F Properties


    Old City Area Classics—— R&F Town Project

    Champion with Billions of Sales —— R&F Jinmen Lake Project


    Home, Sweet Home—— R&F Peach Orchard Project

    Model of Livable Residence —— R&F Bay Project

    Fortune Engine ——R&F Center Project

    Upgraded Quality—— Jinnan New City Project

    Xiangluowan Landmark—— R&F Guangdong Building Project

    French Style —— R&F New Town Project

    Linkage of Beijing and Tianjin—— R&F Shangyueju Project