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    Introduction of Simulation Laboratory

    Release Date: 2017-05-09 15:07:01  

    104 Lab of Building Intelligent Operation Simulation

    Driven by the needs of people in building, the Lab of Building Intelligent Operation Simulation can achieve the organic coupling of building energy simulation software and building equipment control platform, complete the performance simulation and effect validation of intelligent control algorithm, training platform and low-carbon building laboratory building at different levels.

    105 Smart Building Lab A

    Smart building uses the building as a platform, integrating the functions of communication, office and construction equipment automation. It provides people with an efficient, comfortable and convenient building environment through the optimal combination of system structure, service and management.

    108 Smart Building Lab B

    Smart building has the characteristics of multi-disciplines and multi-technology system integration. The organic combination of intelligent computer technology, communications technology, information technology and building technology helps to accomplish buildings which require a reasonable investment and meet the needs of an information society.