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Tianjin University provides dormitory management and service for students. The per capita housing area is about 10 square meters. Student dormitory is equipped with access control system in protection of students' safety of life and property. The dormitory administrative staffs are always on duty and the dormitory is equipped with wide-band network, fixed telephone and bathroom. Tianjin University holds six students' canteens, which can meet students’ dining needs. Located beside the Youth Lake, Tianjin University student activity center holds an area of 4000 square meters, and is regarded as the important base for students' part time cultural activity.


The public transport around Tianjin University is well developed. Bus station "Tianjin University" and "Tianjin University's Dormitory" are in the east and north side of the university. It is 1.3 km and 5.6 km away from Tianjin University to the "Xikang road" subway station and Tianjin railway station, respectively.


Tianjin University owns a hospital; teachers and students enjoy medical treatment, health care and health education from it. What's more, it is twenty-four-hour open. TIEI serves students with free health examination every year. The reimbursement of students' medical expenses is paid by Tianjin medical insurance for urban and rural residents combined with commercial supplementary medical insurance.



TIEI serves tuition and accommodation fee waiver measures for students with special difficulties. We provide them with interest free loan service and opportunities of taking part-time jobs. There are also a great number of financial aids and scholarships from government and enterprises.


As is known to all, the sports facility is an important guarantee for students and the faculty. Tianjin University possesses one natatorium, one comprehensive stadium and two gyms. Tianjin University gym once held the People's Republic of China's Ninth Universiade Women's Basketball Competitions. Its total floor space is 13,835 square meters. Tianjin University natatorium has 3,621 square meters floor area and is capable of hosting swimming activity and competition for over 2,000 people. The 87,077 square meters' Tianjin University stadium opens 17 hours every day. It satisfies students' needs including after-class exercises such as basketball, football, volleyball and track races.


TIEI encourages students to participate in contests and issued the "Regulation on Reward for Competition Participation of Tianjin International Engineering Institute" . TIEI offers special fund for students' application fee and training fee. At the same time, it will be easier for winners to pass the students' comprehensive evaluation and scholarship assessment. Since TIEI was founded, students have acquired national and provincial awards for fifteen times, among which Yuan Liu won gold medal in the international competition of biological molecules, Ning Cao won the first prize in International Students' Mathematical Modeling Contest, Haiyang Zhang won first prize in the final of National Undergraduate Smart Car Contest.


TIEI makes an "International Engineering Institute Extracurricular Education Management Regulation" to encourage students to develop extracurricular education and support students to attend in associations and clubs spontaneously. At the same time, TIEI Graduate Student Union consists of three departments, namely Literal Sports Department, New Media Promotion Department and Teaching Assistant Department. TIEI includes 6 student communities, namely Student Science and Technology Association, Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship, Youth Volunteer Association, Mathematical Modeling Association, Football Club and Calligraphy Association. The percentage of students being in certain positions in associations is over 80%. A large number of students' activities are held by student associations, such as TIEI lecture hall, Qiushi lecture hall, Qiushi forum, Qiushi platform. We invite renowned experts at home and abroad, scholars and business people to provide students with meaningful lectures. In addition, adhering to the principle of combining theory with internship, TIEI actively promotes students to participate in social internship and to enrich campus life. Student can voluntarily organize and take part in enterprise communication activities to cultivate entrepreneurial concepts and plan their career; In order to train students’ international view and mode of thinking under multiple cultural backgrounds, students’ society organizes students to take charge of foreign guests reception work. Students will succeed in obtaining good communication skills in foreign languages during frequent communication study with foreign guests. TIEI analyzes key factors that influence students' learning motivation, and improves students' awareness of being qualified personnel by creating an active and healthy learning atmosphere. The improvement is significant. Students show more study motivation and engagement. Some students even study for more than 80 hours per week.


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