International Researching Cooperation

   Tianjin University collaborates with top universities, famous institutes and international enterprises via establishing researching platforms on which profound and eminent researching and communication programs are available. Aiming at embellishing the college's international image and reinforcing its global influence, the platforms havesupplied outstanding students with international perspective as well as excellent education and research skills. Until 2015, Tianjin University has established 27 international cooperative platforms, 11 of which are related to TIEI and cover variant fields such as Chemistry, Biomedicine, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Environment, etc. Tianjin University provides TIEI with sufficient resources for abroad research and internship.

Strategic Alliances with International Education Cooperators
   Thanks to the globalization, the abundant international student’ resources and the supporting systems, overseas education has been thriving unprecedentedly. More regional and international educational alliances have been formed. Tianjin University has currently joined in three international education strategy alliances, namely “ASEAN-China Network for Cooperation and Exchanges among Engineering and Technology Universities”, “Sino-Europe Engineering Education Platform” and “Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities”. The alliances are aiming at sharing education resources and stimulating the cooperation programs including students’ exchange, courses sharing, credit authorizing and cooperative researches among different organizations. Meanwhile, Tianjin University has built up platforms of overseas education as well as education centers to share teaching resources. The strategy alliances of TJU offer TIEI sufficient overseas resources, providing students with multinational education.

Student Cultivation Programs
   Following Chinese national education strategies, Tianjin University establishes communication with top universities and colleges all over the world. In order to enhance the quality of international collaboration, Tianjin University launches diversified and wide-range talent training programs that internationalize the college education and make contribution to local regions of our alliances.

The overseas education programs of Tianjin University mainly consist of joint-studentsprograms, government-sponsored overseas graduate students programs, short-term exchange programs and scholarships for overseas education. Based on these programs and communication platforms, TIEI is able to ensure variant opportunities of abroad education for students to receive global sights and international vision.

1. Joint-Students Programs

Tianjin University has cooperated with variant domestic or foreign schools by means of credit authorization system and built N+N education model for both undergraduate students and graduate students. Students in the programs will receive different certifications of degree from two universities. Till now, Tianjin University has launched 14 joint-students programs with 12 organizations.

Students of TIEI have the access to joint-students programs of University of Glasgow (UK), University of Ottawa (Canada), Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Bourges (France) and the schools of the Polytech Group. Following a blueprint of TIEI, the institute makes continuous efforts to set up promising new majors and cooperate with eminent educational organizations and cultivate engineering elites.

2. Government-sponsored Overseas Graduate Students Programs

According to the agreement with Chinese Scholarship Council, brilliant students and graduate students in TJU are selected to take curriculums in universities or institutes of top class. Students may receive doctor degrees under the guidance of international professors. Tianjin University has signed agreement with 20 foreign universities or institutes including Universität zu Berlin (Germany) and National University of Singapore (Singapore). Hence, students in TIEI will have chance to apply for further overseas education.

3. Short-term Exchange Programs

Short-term exchange students programs cover variant vacation visits and short-term exchange. In TIEI, students have the access to short-term exchange programs of University of California-Berkeley (USA), University of Cambridge (UK), Technische Universitaet München (Germany). Students are provided with opportunities to go to summer school in Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), University of Queensland (Australia) etc.