According to the industry trends and the needs of national industries and enterprises in personnel training, TIEI regularly revises the training plan based on the conditions of disciplinary development, and regards the plan as the basic requirements for managing departments. Teachers and students must conform to the training program. According to the strategic requirements of structural adjustment of China's education System, TIEI meets the demands and improves the students’ cultivation quality as the main target. The talents training scheme of TIEI not only conforms to the principles of the CTI certification, but also combines with training standards of masters of engineering in Tianjin University.




TIEI Three-Year Training Program

According to the characteristics of the engineer training in France and the CTI certification requirements, the curriculum focuses on the characteristics of the engineering field and the demands of enterprises, combines with the course characteristics of Tianjin University, and widens scope of professions. The curriculum is systematic and extensive. It not only ensures the necessary theoretical basis, but also has extensive adaptability and relative stability, helping the masters of engineering to construct compound knowledge structure and ability structure in a limited time. Master of Engineering focuses on engineering applications, primarily complex high-level engineering and project management talents for enterprises. The curriculum aims to cultivating comprehensive quality and ability, and includes interdisciplinary, frontier, information-related and applied courses. Foreign language courses focus on the cultivation of students' foreign language application ability and practicality. The professional courses emphasize on the acquisition and practice of new technology, new methods and new techniques in the field with a moderate increase in economics, management and art courses.