Now, TIEI recruits top students from all the key universities nationwide. It is planned to recruit 33students (99 students in total) respectively for each professional fields of Electronics, Computer Science and Building, and we will carry out elite cultivation for the students. The length of schooling is 3 years, which is for cultivation of engineers at the level of full-time professional degree of graduates. When the students graduate from the institute, qualified students can acquire the graduate diploma and professional master’s degree of Tianjin University.

The specific matters about application are informed as follows:

I. Specialty of Enrollment

II. Scope and Conditions of Enrollment

The applicants should have relatively significant mathematics and science foundation and excellent capacities of English listening, speaking, reading and writing. And up to submission of the materials, there should be no courses for which the applicant fails to pass. Applicants who have published academic papers, made achievements in scientific research or acquired reward in domestic and oversea significant competitions will be considered preferentially.

For Electronics, it is planned to recruit undergraduates who have relevant background in electronic information engineering specialty, information and communication specialty, electronic science and technology specialty, microelectronic material and devices specialty and automation specialty.

For Computer Science, it is planned to recruit undergraduates who have relevant background in computer science and technology specialty, software engineering specialty, electronic information engineering specialty, communication engineering specialty, integrated circuit design and integrated system and etc.

For Building, it is planned to recruit undergraduates who graduate from relevant background in civil engineering specialty, science of building technology specialty, HVAC engineering specialty, environmental engineering, mechanical design manufacture and automation, energy and power engineering specialty, automation specialty and etc.

III. Application Materials

The application system for recommended exemption of Tianjin University opens from June 23rd to September 27th, 2015 (the day before opening of the Recommended Exemption Service System of Ministry of Education). The recommended exemption students intending to apply for TIEI shall fill out relevant information correctly during the opening period of the system.

The online application for TIEI shall be approved in three times, respectively July 15, September 1 and September 21. On each review day applying students by the day before the review day will be reviewed, after which the notice for a reexamination will be issued. Upon the second interview, the applicants shall provide the following application materials:

i. Transcript of undergraduate, stamped with official seal of Office of Teaching Affairs of the applicant’s university;

ii. One copy of national foreign language examination or certificate of qualification;

iii. If the applicant has published academic papers, made achievements in scientific research or acquired certificate of award, one copy should be provided;

iv. Application Form for Reexamination of Recommended Exemption Graduate of Tianjin University in 2016;

v. Application Form forTianjin International Engineering Institute in both English and Chinese