1.Campus Scenery of Weijin Road Campus

magnificent main gate of Tianjin University

Travelling along the busy Weijin Road, across Qilitai Bridge on Weijin River, people first notice the majestic and magnificent main gate of Tianjin University. As the facade of first China’s modern university, it has a very strong visual impact. The gate signifies the University's long history and profound culture heritage and suggests energetic development in the future. The gate was constructed to commemorate the 100th anniversary and was completed in 1995.


Building No.9

The rising sun shines on a magnificent building at the north of Peiyang Park. Building No.9 has witnessed development and change of Tianjin University since the founding of New China and has become a cultural symbol of Tianjin University. The building is simple, thick and features a strong classical style, it has a strong “physique”, successfully withstanding the Tangshan earthquake; and a long history. Designed by Professor Xu Zhong,


2.Campus Scenery of Peiyang Campus

Zheng Dong Library

Located in Peiyang Park Campus, Zheng Dong Library was designed by Tianjin University alumni, Zhou Kai and his team. He was also the chief Chinese architect of Beijing Olympic Park. On the occasion of the 120 year anniversary of Tianjin University, Zheng Dong, who was admitted to TJU in 1988, donated RMB 50,000,000 to the education fund as a gift. In order to express their thanks to him, TJU decided to name the landmark library, “Zheng Dong Library”.


The East Gate
The main gate of Peiyang Campus was designed by Professor Peng Yigang, a member of the China Academy of Science and honorary dean of the School of Architecture. In front of the gate stand 12 stone plinths, each of them engraved with a particular time period, symbolizing the 120-year history of Tianjin University.