TIEI has an internationalized management team, which is responsible for specific affairs and institute running. The internationalization is mainly reflected in three aspects: first of all, the international language (English) is used by  administrative staff to communicate effectively with foreign institutions and learn about their policies; secondly, the administrative staff has the international culture awareness to deal with international communities; thirdly, staff members have international professional knowledge, so they are able to better communicate and cooperate with international universities, multinational companies, academic institutions and famous scholars, and to provide better services for teachers and students to carry out cooperation in international education, research, construction of majors and the other aspects.

TIEI has professional teaching faculties, including professors and lecturers from famous universities such as Polytech Nice-Sophia, The University of Queensland and Tianjin University as well as experts from enterprises and science institutes. Nearly 23% of the teaching faculties have overseas working or studying experience. The multinational faculty helps students broaden their horizons as well as cultivate communicating skills and international competitiveness.