Tianjin University responds to Chinese national strategic demands and focuses on frontiers of international science development with adequate research resources. TJU has made remarkable contributions to the establishment of Chinese modern industrial system and the development of Chinese domestic economy. One of the university's important functions is to serve the development of regional economy. Promoting innovation anduniversity-enterprise-research is another urgent requirement for national, social as well as economic development. Universities are supposed to have favorable location in scientific, social and commercial fields, toapply the universities' advantages to research and technology transformation.

University-enterprise Cooperating Institutes
Tianjin University has successively set up 36 university-enterprise cooperative institutes which increase about 60 million Yuan of annual research funds and over 500 million Yuan of enterprises' profit in total. TJU has established 10 research institutes in variant parts of China that provide over 200,000 m2 for scientific research as an expansion ofcampus researchspace, to serve the local economy.

Since the setup ofuniversity-enterprise cooperative institutes, TIEI has realized that these institutes play an important role in promoting brilliant projects, which combine producing with research. With the institutes serving as a pivot and powered by enterprises' investment, Tianjin University is able to carry out meaningful and promising projects. By means ofuniversity-enterprise cooperative innovation,significant common progress has been made in the development of enterprises, talents as well as regional economy.

Civil Engineering

Tianjin University has built up the Cabin's Air Revolutionary Environment (CARE) International Researching Center by cooperating with Boeing Co. from the U.S. and Apollo Co. from Netherlands. Combining the advantages of every organization, TIEI takes a further step to integrate China's advanced forces in the area of cabin's air environment technology and promotes coordinated innovation actively, to develop China's innovation ability in cabin's air environment.

Information Engineering

Tianjin University and Changrong Research Institute established Tianjin University & Changrong College. The college focuses on Cloud Printing and relevant researches. Relying on TJU's advantages in information technology, software developing and artistic designing, the institute is able to update the software system and enrich the templates of products in order to take a further step on improving this cloud printing platform of autonomous innovations in printing and creating the after-printing facilities.

Computer Science and Technology

TJU Established TJU-Xingtian United Researching Center with Xingtian Telecom (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. The center will mainly research and develop the technology and products in the areas of smart city, smart zone, education informatization, urban emergency responding, Internet of Things and big data.


TJU Established "TJU-Huaxun Ark United Researching Center" with Huaxun Ark (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Both sides work together on inventing the global microwave communication structure and system integrating technology, which includes all the related material, components, modules and systematic technology and development.


TJU established the "TJU-CSCEC United Researching Center of Biological City and Environment-friendly Architecture" with China's Architecture Designing Ltd. and the 8th Construction Department of China's Architecture Corporation.

Research Institutes in Other Places
Apart from the institutes mentioned above, TIEI also make full use of the academic platform provided by the two research institutes established by Tianjin University. The institutes take a flexible mechanism called Enterprise-like Operating. Hence, TIEI regards the laboratories and engineering centers as a platform; vital scientific programs as a steer, cultivation of high-level science elites as the core power, technology implementation as means thus establishing a "four-wheel driven" service mode. Pushed by scientific research and technology and pulled by industry development and scientific funds, TIEI provides an all-around service for distanced research centers. The distanced research institute of Tianjin University has made a remarkable contribution to regional economic development as well as the university's curriculum development.

Tianjin University (Wuqing) Advanced Technology Research Institute is an innovation platform resulting from collaboration with Wuqing area local government. The platform is also a cooperative base that is used for scientific innovation, industry promotion, technical services and strategy consulting. The institute focuses on three promising fields consisting of Biology, Precision Instrument and Construction Engineering and takes the charge of nearly 100 national vital Science programs or International Cooperating programs. Besides, the scale of research funds hold by the institute has reached to 300 million Yuan. The institute establishes a hatching platform for innovative projects issued by students. A technology-transferring center has been also set up and attracted many investment companies. Till now, the institute has supported more than 100 enterprises and has assisted more than 100 innovative programs. These programs are likely to create tremendous economic profits.

Tianjin University Binhai Industry Research Institute is under construction. The institute will exert the four innovative functions that are industry technology innovation, technology implementation, high-tech enterprises hatching and high-level talents training. The phase 1 of the institute project has been completed and the area of research-used buildings reaches up to 78,000 m2. 25 programs have been imported while registered possession of the institute is more than 80 million Yuan.

In addition, TIEI relies on the 1895 Architecture Innovation Mansion and the National University Technology Zone of Tianjin University, whose establishment provides sufficient opportunities for universities to assist enterprises.

Managing Committee of Research Centers
The university collaborates with the enterprises via the Managing Committee that ensures the cooperation between the enterprises and TIEI is going well.

Functions of Managing Committee: to ensure the guiding principle of working and the vital issues like organization, human affairs' authorizing and changing, approving and amending the central regulations, coordinating the two-side relationship, examining and evaluating the work of research center.

Functions of the Director of the center: be responsible for making the plan of development for the center; supervising on the regulations' drafting and executing; managing human affairs, administration, research and capital, etc.

Functions of the Comprehensive Managing Committee: be responsible for the communication and coordination of the two sides; the project's approval, budget and implementing; organizing a strategic conference at the first of every year and a working communication conference every quarter of the year to have a deep discussion on the progress of the programs and the condition of implementing the plans.