Students Enrolment 

TIEI recruits students from universities across China mainly through three channels.

 First, TIEI is open to the fourth-year undergraduate students from the key universities nationwide, who have acquired the graduate recommended exemption qualification in their universities. These students are exempt from the Unified National Graduate Entrance Examination (UNGEE) and can be directly admitted into graduate programs. The proportion of graduate recommended exemption qualification of Tianjin University and other key universities in China is generally limited to top 20%, which means that only students with GPA in the first three years of their undergraduate study ranking in the top 20% of each department or program are able to obtain the graduate recommended exemption qualification. Qualified students boast outstanding performance in discipline foundation, professional practice and comprehensive ability in their undergraduate programs. 

 Second, TIEI is open to undergraduates from tertiary education institutions nationwide who have passed the Unified National Graduate Entrance Examination. In order to guarantee the quality of enrollment, TIEI sets two examination sessions, including preliminary examination and reexamination, from which outstanding students will be selected with regard to merit-based criteria.

Third, TIEI recruits PhD students in engineering from enterprises across China to provide degree education for employed professionals to further their education. 

In terms of enrollment scale, TIEI enrolled around 30 students in each program every year since 2016, with a total of some 90 students enrolled annually in the three programs. With continued development, TIEI’s enrollment scale has been gradually increasing, reaching 140 to 150 students per year since 2019. From 2018 to 2022, a total of 635 students have been enrolled in the Masters’ programs and 31 students in PhD Program in Engineering.