Application for full-time graduate student dormitory


Applicants: Only for full-time non directional master and doctoral students Application method: voluntary application, overall allocation

Application process:

1. After receiving the admission notice, all the freshmen can log in to TJU Welcome Website (website: Enter the number and name of the enrollment notice, submit the dormitory application, and read the attachments "Tianjin University Student Civilized Accommodation Commitment Letter" and "Tianjin University Graduate Student Admission and Accommodation Instructions" carefully. After confirming that you agree to abide by the relevant terms, download and print the "Tianjin University Student Civilized Accommodation Commitment Letter" and sign it (in duplicate).

2. After the deadline for application, those who do not apply online will be deemed to have voluntarily given up, and the school will not arrange dormitories; Students who are unable to apply for online dormitories within the prescribed time for some reason can contact our graduate student counselor to apply for additional dormitories.

3. Before registering for school (approximately three days), freshmen can log in to the TJU Welcome Website again, enter the admission notice number or student number, and know dormitory allocation information.

Check-in process:

1. During the enrollment period, all the freshmen can bring their admission notice and the signed "Tianjin University Student Civilized Accommodation Commitment Letter" (in duplicate) to the affiliated college (department) to receive the "Accommodation Information Card" and dormitory keys at the joint office of the orientation center;

2. Fill in the "Accommodation Information Card" and paste a 1-inch photo, and submit it to the on-duty personnel of the dormitory building where you are located to check the information and register for check-in;

3. Accommodation bedding can be purchased at the service point designated by the school (according to the relevant regulations of Tianjin, our school selects the supplier through bidding from among the excellent enterprises approved by the Tianjin Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision); Students should bring their own bedding in accordance with quality standards, and it is strictly prohibited to bring bedding containing black cotton into the dormitory.