“Voluntary application” system is adopted for accommodation of graduates of the university. The students who need dormitories should log in the new students system (http://yx.tju.edu.cn) to carry out application for dormitory (input the number of letter of admission and name, and then submit the information to carry out real-name application) after they receive the letter of admission. After logging in the system, the students should read carefully the Accommodation Convention for Student Dormitory of Tianjin University and download, print, and sign the letter of commitment after they confirm to agree with and obey relevant provisions.

The application time is provided on the website of Graduate School of Tianjin University and in the letter of admission.

After deadline of the application, students who haven’t applied online for the dormitories will be regarded as waiving the right of accommodation so that the school will not arrange accommodation for these students. Before admission registration (about 3 days before), the students can access the website and check their dormitory distribution situation through inputting the number of letter of admission or student number. All the accommodated students need to pay the accommodation fees at the rate of 800 yuan/year in full amount according to requirements of the school (if there is any partial adjustment, it will be subject to the actual accommodation standard). The accommodation fees will be withheld from the deposit card by the bank.

On the very day of admission registration, the student should get the “Notice for New student Accommodation”, “Accommodation Information Card” and key of the dormitory from their colleges at the joint office for welcoming the new arrivals, with their letters of admission and signed “Accommodation Convention for Student Dormitory of Tianjin University”. The “Accommodation Information Card” shall be filled out with corresponding information and attached with one-inch photo. “Notice for New student Accommodation” and “Accommodation Information Card” should be submitted to the staff on duty of their respective dormitory buildings to check in.

The accommodated students can buy their beddings at the service points appointed by the school (the beddings are sold by manufacturers authenticated by Tianjin Quality Inspection Bureau) after arriving at the school, or they can bring their own beddings (the brought beddings need to meet the quality inspection standard).

Consultation telephone of Dormitory Affairs Office: +86 22-2740455