TIEI has initiated receiving exchange students from Polytech Nice Sophia in France to study and live in Tianjin University from this year. Professional staffs in TIEI have been appointed to guide and facilitate exchange students during their stay in China. Moreover, in order to help exchange students’ fast integration into the warm family, TIEI arranges a number of local student assistants to provide services in their daily life. Studying in TIEI will be an extraordinarily valuable experience with not only acquisition of professional knowledge and friendship, but also great opportunities to gain in-depth experience of the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

TIEI has a professional administrative teacher management team to provide more services and help for overseas student in their study and life.

Exchange students are welcomed to participate in the various activities held by TIEI student association and interact with local students. There will be great opportunities to give a speech as a guest speaker in TIEI's most popular activity- French Language Class. In addition, a wide variety of activities provided by TIEI enables exchange students to deepen their knowledge and broaden their horizon in cultural and disciplinary  areas, while encourages the establishment of friendship.