There are 6 canteens around the dormitories on campus. Among all of the canteens, the cuisine in the Liuyuan Restaurant, which is located near the International Student Dormitory, is ideal for international students. There are many varieties of delicious cuisines from all over the world, such as Muslim cuisine, Western cuisine, and other Asian cuisine.

Health Care
Hospital on campus:
  The University Hospital is located in the student residential area, 100 meters northeast to the Peng Xiang Student Dormitory.
  Hours of Operation: Emergency Room: 24 hours
  Clinic: 8:00-11:50 14:00-17:50, MON to FRI
  Tel: 86-22-27403341
Hospitals nearby:
(1) Tianjin No. 1 Central Hospital
  Address: No. 24 Fukang Road, Nankai District, Tianjin
  Tel: 86-22-23626600; 86-22-24042815 (Eastern Part)
(2) Tianjin General Hospital
  Address: No. 154 Anshan Road, Heping District, Tianjin
  Tel: 86-22-60362255

Retail, Postal and Banking
(1) On campus:
 • The underground supermarket of  No. 1 Student Canteen
 • The underground supermarket of No. 4 Student Canteen
 • Pengxiang Supermarket, beside No. 5 Student Canteen
 • TJU Grocery, beside the swimming pool at  the corner of the Tai Lei Road and Ji Xian Street
(2) Off campus:
 • Carrefour (Haiguang Si): Take bus No. 658 at Qilitai Station (or No. 633 at Xi Hu Cun Station) and get off at Hai guang Si Station.
 • Carrefour (Baidi Road): It is on Baidi Road beside Buynow, 10 minutes from campus.
 • Wal-Mart: It is on Heping Road, opposite Parkson. Take bus No. 633 or No. 638 at Xi Hu Cun Station and get off at Baihuodalou Station.
(3) Shopping centers:
 • Bing Jiang Business Street: Take bus No. 50/650/842 at Xi Hu Cun Station or 633/643 at Qilitai station and get off at Binjiangdao station.
 • MALLS: Isetan/International Mall/ Jinhui Square/ Robbinz Mall/ Milenio Mall/QYC/Binjiang Shopping Center/Hualian Mall/ Parkson
(1) On campus: Post Office TJU Branch  Tel: 86-22-27402092
(2) Nearby: Ba Li Tai Post Office  Address: No. 215 Wei Jin Road  Tel: 86-22-23524350
(1) On campus:
 • China Construction Bank TJU Branch (opposite Peng Xiang Student Domitory) Tel: 86-22-27892562
 • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China TJU Branch (opposite Peng Xiang Student Domitory) Tel: 86-22-27404762
 • Bank of Tianjin TJU Branch ( No. 66 Nanfeng Road outside TJU West Gate) Tel: 86-22-23307286
(2) Nearby:
 • China Construction Bank Address: 1F Block D, Jiayi International plaza (the crossroad between Weijin Road and Diantai Street), Heping District, Tianjin  Tel: 86-22-27819722/27819521
 • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China  Tel: 86-22- 2783825
 • Bank of China (Nanfeng Road Sub-Branch) Address: No. 192, Nanfeng Road, NanKai District, Tianjin  Tel:  86-22-27382905
 • China Everbright Bank (Technology Sub-Branch) Address: 1F, Caifu Building, No. 43 Weijin Road, Heping District, Tianjin
 • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Tianjin Sub-Branch) Address: No. 129 Weijin Road, Heping District, Tianjin
 • Agricultural Bank Of China (Tianjin Sub-Branch) Address: No. 131 Weijin Road, Heping District ,Tianjin  Tel: 86-22-87811069‎
 • China Citic Bank (HuaJin Sub-Branch) Address: No.149 Weijin Road, Heping District, Tianjin
 • Bank of Communications Address: Dazhong Road, Nankai District, Tianjin  Tel: 86-22-23503284