TIEI Students Brand Activity

1. Outstanding experience sharing

TIEI invites outstanding alumni to share their job search experience with students regularly, and launches a series of promotions such as "Outstanding Graduates" to guide students to establish correct employment, talent, and values through firsthand experience of senior students.




2. Begonia Season • Sino-French Cultural Festival

On the occasion of the arrival of the "TJU Begonia Season",TIEI holds a unique and fun activity called "Begonia Season - Sino French Cultural Festival". Through educational and entertainment activities, we carry out diverse activities such as "French Cultural Knowledge PK", "Hello! French!", and "Painted Begonia ", attracting numerous teachers, students, and tourists to participate in. we celebrates the Begonia season through the unique Sino French cooperative education model.





3. The Book Sending Activity

TIEI has established a long-term mutual assistance platform through WeChat groups, collecting, organizing, and distributing books to help students find their desired books smoothly, making the circulation of various idle books more convenient.