TIEI Artistic and Sports Department

Since its foundation, Artistic and Sports Department of TIEI Postgraduate Union has always been committed to organizing various artistic and sports activities to enrich the recreational life, foster good health and train the team spirit of students. The members of the department have a wide range of hobbies, such as ballroom dancing, photography, music, swimming and others. The department holds the New Year Gala to enhance the mutual understandings of the freshmen. The department has held many badminton competitions to make students realize the importance of exercisebesides studying. The Artistic and Sports Department also plays an important role in enriching the business life of students and fostering their interests in life.

TIEI New Media Publicity Department

Since its foundation, New Media Publicity Department is mainly responsible for new media promotion, including the establishment of We-chat Official Account (TJU Sino-French Class), function improvement, message announcement and others. Its nine members have clear work divisions, including document drawing and editing, function improvement, materials settlement and external communication. With joint efforts, the Official Account has issued the bilingual introduction, including admission, promotion, senior students experience and others, which have received wide attention from students and teachers inside and outside TIEI. Information session has been read 1,349 times and played a major role in admission and promotion.

TIEI Foreign Teaching Assistant Department

Foreign Teaching Assistance Department, briefly referred to as Teaching Assistant Department, adheres to the slogan of “Sino-French Class in Western Style”. It is the main and unique component of the Postgraduate Union. The department is committed to serving the teaching and life of teachers and to enhancing the communication and mutual learning between students and foreign teachers. They are mainly responsible for the reception of foreign guests, and assisting the foreign teachers in their daily teaching and daily life. Assistance in making foreign teachers adapt to life in China. The Teaching Assistant Department receives 4~5 foreign teachers every term. In the daily communication and learning with foreign teachers, the members can practice their foreign language, enhance the communication skill and practically implement the slogan of “Sino-French Class in Western Style”. Under the multicultural background, the international vision and thinking mode of the students have been remarkably broddened.

TIEI Student Science and Technology Association

Established in December, 2014, TIEI Student Science and Technology Association, an institute-level student organization, is committed to building the scientific and technological quality of students and developing creative culture based on the principle of “fostering the scientific and technological atmosphere for academic exchange, exploration and innovation, and building a campus platform for science and technical practice”. It adopts the accountability system of president team, which is responsible for the coordination and organization of the association work. Meanwhile, the Student Science and Technology Association also plans to build an advisory team with professional teachers to guide the work of the association and to participate in the interactive exchange lectures of students.

Innovative Entrepreneurship Association

Established in December, 2014, TIEI Innovative Entrepreneurship Association, an institute-level student organization of TIEI, is committed to encouraging the innovation of students and active entrepreneurship, promoting the exchange between school and students, talents and enterprises, assisting students in understanding entrepreneurship policies and scientifically planning their own careers. It adopts the accountability system of president team, which is responsible for coordination and organization of association work. Meanwhile, the Innovative Entrepreneurship Association plans to invite teachers of Innovative Entrepreneurship Center and Career Service Center to guide their daily work.

Youth Volunteers Association

TIEI Youth Volunteers Association is a non-profit organization consisting of youth dedicated to voluntary services. Under the working principle of “starting with campus and serving the society”, association leads all volunteers with enthusiasm.To participate in the fields inside and outside the school. With warm spirits the Youth Volunteers Association are responsible for registering youth volunteers, providing voluntary service information, organizing community activities and recruiting volunteers for large-scale activities. Its objectives are to provide voluntary service, leave green spirit in society and foster team spirit.

Mathematical Modeling Association

Established in 2014, TIEI Mathematical Modeling Association is an interest-type group with common interest in mathematical modeling. Its mission is to foster the applied mathematical abilities for new-generation engineers. The association attracts mathematical modeling amateurs, popularizes the mathematical modeling knowledge, builds a platform for idea exchange, and invites experienced teachers for deep analysis and lectureing. Meanwhile, it also trains the team collaboration and mathematical modeling capabilities of members to make full preparation for competitions of various levels.

Football Club

With the principle of “promoting the popularity and development of football in the campus of Tianjin University”, TIEI Football Club hosts, co-hosts and assists a series of activitieswith football as the theme. By building friendship in the football team, it gathers football lovers and talents, provides fields and PC for football game, and organizes enthusiastic fans.

Calligraphy Association

TIEI Calligraphy Association was established in 2014. Using dark ink to reflect the historic events, it adheres to the purpose of “promoting the calligraphy art and inheriting traditional Chinese culture”, organizes various community activities, and holds calligraphy competitions and exhibitions. Excellent, pioneering, innovative and bright calligraphy spirit is what members of Calligraphy Association pursue.