Tianjin University listed as   one of the ten pilot universities for engineering education reform launched   by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Ministry of Education.


Tianjin University launched   the engineering education reform program in an all-round way.


Tianjin University established the Qushi Honors College as the experimental area for engineering education   reform.


The Ministry of Education held the Initial Meeting of “The Plan   for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers” (PETOE) in Tianjin   University.


The High-level Forum on Higher   Engineering Education with the theme of in-depth cooperation between   industry, university and research was held in Tianjin University.


The Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) was   established as a pilot area for cultivating international leading talents in   the engineering field. Three initial programs - Building, Electronics and   Computer Science - were established.


The Ministry of Education held the “Seminar on the Construction   of Emerging Engineering Education in Universities with Engineering   Advantages”, releasing the “TJU Action” for the construction of “Emerging   Engineering Education”.


CTI approved TIEI programs for   6 years.


The Ministry of Education held the “Six Excellence and One Top”   Program 2.0 Launch Conference at Tianjin University. 

TIEI became the first overseas partner of the Polytech Group.

Intelligent   Medicine Engineering and Smart Water Engineering were established at TIEI.


TIEI was nominated for the “International Strategy of the Year, Times   Higher Education Awards Asia 2020”


Tianjin University was approved by   Ministry of Education to establish the first batch of School of Future   Technology.

Establish   two interdisciplinary platforms, Smart Machine and System and Energy Storage.   The Intelligent Medicine Engineering and Smart Water Engineering were   integrated into the interdisciplinary platform.


Tianjin University establish the School of Future   Technology jointly by Qiushi Honors College, TIEI and National-level   Innovation and Entrepreneurship College.