On January 1st

TIEI first-group"engineers"successfully graduated

  In March

TIEI received exchange students of international program

  In September

Two new specialities: Smart Water Engineering and Intelligent Medicine Engineering will recruit graduate students nationwide.


On January 18th

TIEI successfully held the Teaching Discussion

On February 21st

The CTI Accreditation Training Seminar of TIEI was successfully held

From May 15th  

to May 17th

Experts of CTI accreditation group visited Tianjin International Engineering Institute

On July 11th

TIEI passed the CTI accreditation with the highest level

On August 21st

TIEI held the press conference of passing CTI accreditation

On September 7th

TIEI was awarded the honorary title of TJU Teachers' Ethics Advanced Collective of the 8th session

In November

TIEI plans to add two new specialties of Hydroinformatics & Water Engineering and Intelligent Medicine and submit the relevant materials to CTI in the next year

  On November 20th

TIEI obtained authorized Accreditation of European Engineering Education

(the EUR-ACE label)



From March 15th  

to April 1st

The recruitment interview of National Postgraduate Entrance Examination started, with a total of 90 new students

From April 22nd  

to April 29th

The president of Polytech Nice-Sophia visited TIEI

Until April 30th

Tianjin TEDA Construction, NXP and some other enterprises have joined the club, making a total of 31 members

On May 8th

TIEI students went to France for internship


On January 8th

CTI accreditation group was established

From January 31st

to February 1st

TIEI held the Teaching Discussion

On March 18th

TIEI held introduction meeting of Smart Building researching directions and tutor group

On March 27th

The delegation from Polytech Nice-Sophia visited TIEI

On April 24th

The Board of TIEI was established and held the first meeting

On May 18th

TIEI held the discussion meeting of training scheme

On June 26th

Degree Appraisal Committee of Tianjin University approved the proposition of length of schooling, training scheme and criterion of graduation in the 97th meeting

From July to August

One-month "blue-collar internship" for the first session students was successfully completed

On September 18th

The recruitment of recommended test-free postgraduates started

On September 29th

CTI accreditation reports and supporting materials were submitted

In October

The construction of full-English website was completed


In April

The delegation from Polytech Nice-Sophia visited Tianjin University

In May

Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) and its Corporation Club were established at Tianjin University

On June 6th

"Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI)" started 2014 recruitment

On July 1st

The 2014 recruitment interview of TIEI started

In July

TIEI admitted the first group of students and started preparatory course in summer

In September

The opening ceremony of Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) was held

In December

The New Year party of TIEI was held

On December 3rd

The delegation from Polytech Nice-Sophia visited Tianjin University

On November 4th

Director Philippe Gourbesville and his delegation from Polytech Nice-Sophia visited Tianjin University


On September 18th

"Engineers Cultivating Discussion" of Tianjin University and Polytech Nice-Sophia was held in TJU


On May 18th

President Li Jiajun and his delegation visited Polytech Nice-Sophia in France