I. Background

Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) is the experimental area for training international engineering talents. With the concept of “pay attention to the foundation, strengthen the practice, expand the vision and lead the future”, TIEI aims to build an open, international and innovative world-class engineering institute. By drawing on the French engineer training model, aiming at the national needs and industry hotspots, TIEI will deepen the school-enterprise cooperation and education mechanism, build a seamless industrial chain for industry, academy and research, and jointly cultivate innovative and outstanding engineering leaders to meet the needs of national development and industry. Hereby, TIEI Enterprise Club is established.

II. Orientation and Development

TIEI Enterprise Club is a non-profit organization that is voluntarily joined by enterprises. It is committed to becoming an important hub for exchanges and cooperation between schools and enterprises, and it is exploratory to enhance the voice and influence of enterprises in the training of engineering talents. With the main goal of cultivating future innovative and outstanding engineering leaders, we will jointly explore the dual-track training mechanism of enterprises and institutes, and jointly build a training practice base for engineering talents.

At present, the Enterprise Club has 48 member units, and has signed school-enterprise cooperation agreements with 17 companies.

III. Membership System of Enterprise Club

The member units of TIEI Enterprise Club are composed of well-known enterprises at home and abroad and leading enterprises in the industry. It has adopted two management modes: the rotation system and the elimination system. The Enterprise Club members take turns to organize the institute enterprise club meetings and other activities, and attend at least two activities every year.

IV. Membership Functions and Duties

1. To meet the needs of national development and social employment, enterprises are fully involved in the entire chain of recruitment, training and output of engineering talents. The dual-tutor system inside and outside the school will be carried out to provide students with practical projects, internship positions, enterprise tutors and teaching teachers, and to train future engineering leaders with the institute jointly to form a new paradigm of school-enterprise cooperation.

2. Break the boundaries between traditional professional disciplines and industry sectors, cooperate in the construction of school-enterprise talent training practice base, focus on the cultivation of students' practical innovation ability, and promote the transformation of scientific research achievements.

3. TIEI Enterprise Club regularly invites enterprise members to participate in a series of activities such as Enterprise Club Conference, Enterprise Salon, and Enterprise Lecture Hall. The institute and the enterprise discuss the employment needs of the industry, personnel training, student enterprise internships and other related matters jointly, and provide a new platform for exchanges, cooperation and resource sharing for school-enterprise cooperation and enterprise-enterprise cooperation.

4. Enterprise Club members strongly support the institute to carry out relevant work and provide advice and suggestions for the development of the college.

5. The institute and the enterprise will strengthen the alliance and build a community of engineering talents cultivation with complementary advantages, project co-construction and results sharing to achieve a new situation of win-win cooperation between schools and enterprises.