I. Establishment Background

Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) is an experimental field for Tianjin University to cultivate outstanding engineering talents. It is committed to building an open, international and innovative first-class engineering institute in the world with the concept of "emphasizing fundamentals, strengthening practice, expanding vision, and leading the future". TIEI draws inspiration from the French engineer training model, deepens university-enterprise cooperation and education in response to national needs and industry hot-spots, and actively constructs a seamless industrial chain of the industry, the institute and scientific research. In addition, TIEI, together with enterprises, cultivates outstanding engineering leading talents with a rigorous attitude, solid foundation, innovative spirit and practical ability that can lead the future. To this end, the TIEI Enterprise Club was established.


II. Development Positioning

The TIEI Enterprise Club is a non-profit organization voluntarily joined by enterprises. Adhering to the cooperation principle of "resource sharing, complementary advantages, common development, and win-win cooperation", the club is committed to becoming an important hub for communication and cooperation between the university and enterprises. With the goal of cultivating outstanding engineering leading talents in the future, the club fully integrates the advantageous resources of both the university and enterprises, enhances the appeal and influence of enterprises in the cultivation of engineering talents, and comprehensively serves the cultivation of engineering talents and the development of enterprises, achieving a new win-win situation for both the university and enterprises.


III. Operation and Management

Members of the TIEI Enterprise Club take part in or organize a series of salon exchange activities on a regular basis, and deeply participate in all aspects of the institute's education. The university and enterprises fully integrate resources, complement each other's advantages and promote the transformation of achievements. In order to improve the operation and management quality, since 2019, the TIEI corporate club has adopted the management mode of rotation and elimination. At present, the club has 20 core enterprise members.


IV. Responsibilities and Functions of Club Members

1. Through a series of salon exchange activities, the club members have in-depth exchanges on student cultivation, internship and employment, project research and enterprise demand, and provide suggestions for talent cultivation, internship and employment, scientific research and university-enterprise cooperation, building up a platform for communication, cooperation, and resource sharing between the university and enterprises.

2. The club members, with the involvement of senior executives or professional technicians in curriculum development, serve the cultivation of engineering leading talents and the development of enterprises, and focus on the research and development of new technologies as well as the application of actual engineering projects of enterprises. Moreover, the club members also provide students with enterprise supervisors to regularly guide students' project research and cultivate their innovative and practical ability, so as to deepen cooperation and communication between the two sides and promote the transformation of scientific research outcomes.

3. The club members firmly support the institute in carrying out relevant work and achieve win-win cooperation with the cooperation policy of "complementary advantages, joint construction of projects, and result sharing".