Founded on May 13th, 2014, Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) is an experiment base of cultivating engineering Founded on May 13th, 2014, Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) is an experiment base of cultivating engineering talents, which is co-founded by Tianjin University and Polytech Nice-Sophia, and it is also the first international engineering institute in China that uses the French engineer training mode for reference and established by the Chinese as the sole investors. Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) relies on the advantages of engineering specialty of Tianjin University and the engineering training resources of high level foreign university, and is combined with the goal of becoming world’s first-class university which is “comprehensive, research-oriented, open and international”. TIEI seeks to further promote the Chinese-foreign cooperation in university operation, to explore a new mode of innovative engineering talents training, to constantly improve the education quality and construct a first-class engineering institute which is open, innovative and international to meet the needs for talents in the construction of an innovative nation. The future international engineering leading talents are cultivated in TIEI that satisfy the demands of China’s social and economic developing demands, are with the rigorous attitude, solid foundation, innovative spirits and hands-on abilities so as to serve China’s layout of “the Belt and Road Initiative”.

In July 2017, Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) passed the CTI accreditation with the highest level. This is the first time for CTI to grant the highest level of 6-year period for the 3-school-year institute in China, and TIEI is also the first in China that passes CTI accreditation with non-CN-FR cooperative running model. After passing the authoritative accreditation of CTI, TIEI is dedicated to become the platform for the cooperation and exchanges.

Students Training

1.Schooling Length and Degree

TIEI has the schooling length of 3 years, full-time, training the engineers of professional degree and master level. After successfully accomplishing the studies for the whole engineer stage, students can gain both the diploma of Tianjin University master, professional master degree and the engineer diploma accredited by CTI.

2.Qualified Teachers 

TIEI invites the foreign experts from France, America and other countries, meanwhile the excellent overseas returnees reserved by Tianjin University to undertake the teaching tasks of full-English curriculum, with 58% of which having the overseas studying and working experience, 92% having the doctoral degree. A good combination of the Chinese and foreign teachers is adopted to create the atmosphere for English studying, and to improve the effectiveness of the language tool. Methods including English lecture notes, English teaching, English tests of the open type are chosen to expand students’ international vision of culture, science and technology.

3.Training Mode

A good integration of the French engineer training mode and the Chinese indigenous educational mode is made and forms a training system highlighting TIEI running characteristics – focusing on the solid base of mathematics and physics; emphasizing the engineering curriculum for the studying and practicing of new techniques, new methods and new crafts; language communication curriculum of Chinese, English and French that is professional, systematic and extensive; understand and adapt to the enterprise management and operation mode, with the business economics & administration curriculum that highlights the practicality.

4.Internship and Hands-on Practice

TIEI students should finish the 3-period engineer internship during the studies of the engineer stage, with the time totaling no less than 10 months, and the work units are mainly the member enterprises of the TIEI club.


Training System for International Leading Talents

TIEI combines the training characteristics of French engineer education and Tianjin University engineering education characteristics, and after the continuous exploration and practice, a set of training system for international leading talents has initially taken shape, with two platforms, three modes and four innovations.

Enterprise Club

TIEI established the enterprise club, which at present has 20 core enterprise members domestically and overseas within the relevant industries, including Tianjin Pipe  (Group) Corporation, Siemens, Huawei, ZTE, Tianfang Development. TIEI builds up platforms for the in-depth exchanges and cooperation between university and enterprise, between enterprise and enterprise through the club. And TIEI regularly holds the club salons, to enhance the cooperation and communication between university and enterprise, among enterprises.

Students’ Demeanor

TIEI first-group engineers graduated in January, 2018, and the employment rate of the first-session graduates is 100%, most of which are pursuing their career in Baidu, Sohu, NetEase, JD.COM and other domestic famous enterprises that have strong international competitiveness.

TIEI actively creates the diversified and broad-level study environment and atmosphere. It always organizes the students to have enterprise visits or other colorful off-class practice teaching activities, employs the enterprise tutors to have specialty lectures in the institute, to enhance the specialty knowledge level of the students towards the covered fields, improve their innovative ability and hands-on ability, to let them fully understand the latest trends of the enterprises. To further expand students’ international vision, TIEI organizes and holds the activities with characteristics such as the French Culture Festival, to make the students exposed to the charm of the French culture, and increase their interest in the French language studying. Besides, TIEI particularly invites the American teachers to hold the management and language curriculum such as Leadership, to fully train students’ communication skills, as well as their management level.

Through the New Year Party held annually by TIEI, the talents and gifts of TIEI students have been  vividly manifested. Their mutual understanding is enhanced, and their cohesion force and collective sense of honor are  continuously improved.