The Enterprise Club of TIEI was established in May 2014, attracting 20 core well-known enterprises including Huawei, Tata, NXP and Schneider. It has conducted extensive and in-depth cooperation in three major fields: Computer Technology, Electronic Communication and Engineering, and Intelligent Buildings.

The Enterprise Club is committed to forging an important platform for communication and cooperation between the university and enterprises, and actively building a comprehensive and multi-dimensional network of university-enterprise cooperation relationship.


  The convening of Enterprise Club meetings has effectively strengthened communication between the university and enterprises, and continuously deepened the mechanism of industry-university-research collaborative education. The two sides fully integrate their advantageous resources, innovate the transformation of achievements in university-enterprise cooperation, and continuously explore new paths for university-enterprise cooperation and new models for talent cultivation.

The joint construction of talent cultivation practice base by the university and enterprises has further promoted in-depth cooperation and achievement transformation between the two sides. In March 2017, NXP (China) Management Co., Ltd., as one of the core members of the club, signed an agreement with TIEI to jointly build a talent cultivation base, constructing a key bridge for the joint cultivation of talents by both the university and the enterprise. In December 2017, Tianjin University and NXP signed a memorandum of understanding on university-enterprise cooperation, exploring a new mechanism of talent cultivation with undergraduate and postgraduate education integration, interdisciplinary approaches, and in-depth cooperation between the university and the enterprise. In 2018, the Emerging Engineering Experimental Class (NXP Class) of Tianjin University was established in the Qiushi Honors College and started to enroll students. In 2020, the cooperation between Tianjin University and NXP was awarded as a typical case of the 2019 "Double Hundred Plan for School-Enterprise Cooperation" by the China Association of Higher Education.


The "Enterprise Lecture Hall" brings together business executives or industry experts to provide students with professional lectures on technology, management and other related topics. The lectures not only broaden students' horizon of their professional fields, but also offer them insights into future development.




The "Engineer's Journey" offers students opportunities to visit the members of  TIEI Enterprise Club. Through visits and exchanges, it helps students gain a deep understanding of the corporate culture and provides guidance for internship and future employment.


 In the three-stage progressive internship for engineers, the enterprises provide students with enterprise supervisors to guide them in completing internship projects and participate in the acceptance of internship results. This helps students consolidate their theoretical foundation and improve their project management ability and practical skills.