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The Tianjin International Engineering Institute of Tianjin University Held Thematic Activity “The prospect of TIEI & France” Successfully

(Correspondents Liu Yang and Liu Yingtong) On October 13, the Frenchthematic activity “The prospect of TIEI & France”was successfully held in the Central Exhibition Hall of Tianjin French Federation. Students from TIEI of Tianjin University, Grade 2018, including Intelligent Building, Computer Science, and Electronics, participated in the activity. Yann Carpentier, President of Tianjin French Union, was invited to the activity as the keynote speaker.

In order to cater to the theme of "Fifth Term Sino-French Environment Month", President Yann Carpentier delivered a wonderful report for the students of our institute by focusing on "Apercu d 'une philosophie DE l 'ecologie" (practical philosophy of ecology). Through the perspective of practical philosophy of ecology, the president combined theoretical knowledge with practical cases to analyze the human beings ecological environment problems. The environmental problems from this perspective had always reminded students to establish a sense of responsibility to protect the ecological environment, by starting from the little things around them, and contributing to the cause of environmental protection. Then, the students had a heated discussion about the common environmental pollution and garbage classification in daily life. During the last question and answer part, PresidentYann Carpentieranswered the students' questions and doubts about the content of the report and the process of discussion in detail, which is much helpful for the students.

This Frenchthematic activity “The prospect of TIEI & France”not only made our grade 2018 students deeply aware of the importance and urgency of environmental protection, but also enhanced the students' sense of mission and responsibility to protecting environment. What is more, it fully exercised students' abilities in French listening, speaking, reading and writing to consolidate and deepen their knowledge of French, laying a solid foundation for their future French study.