About TIEI


Based on Tianjin University’s experience and the innovation exploration and practice of Qiushi Honors College, Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) was formally founded on May 13, 2014. The institute is established under the partnership between Tianjin University in China and French Polytech Nice-Sophia & Polytech Group, with the aim to train high-level engineering talents by following the French training mode. Sponsored by the special fund from Tianjin University and Tianjin Foreign Experts Bureau, TIEI improves its teaching facilities significantly to ensure the quality and effect of teaching.

The top of TIEI's governing chart is the Board of Directors, which actively seeks educational resources, providing advice, evaluation and supervision for the development of TIEI. The Executive Committee is responsible for coordination and implementation. A three-tier governing chart has been shaped including the Board, the Development Committee and the Executive Committee to ensure student quality and talent cultivation.

Through the establishment of enterprise clubs and innovation centers, a new partnership between TIEI and enterprises is formed. The enterprise club is cooperatively setup by TIEI and well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The club not only reserves human resources for enterprise members, but also provides a platform for enterprises and institutions to explore the two-track training mechanism, as well as a chance for the institute to construct talents combat capability-training platform. Jointly built by the university and enterprises, Innovation Research Center is an important platform to develop students' hands-on skills and innovation spirit, to promote transformations of scientific research, and to create business opportunities.

Selecting and recruiting students from key universities in China, TIEI has five specialties:

  • Smart Building

  • Computer Science

  • Electronics

  • Smart Warter

  • Intelligent Medicine

The admission follows the principles of scientific management, comprehensiveness, and people-first, along with the principle of openness, fairness, impartiality, honesty and credibility. Through the demanding selection process, qualified students will be admitted to TIEI. After the admission, students are required to attend TIEI's regular mid-term examinations, final examinations and quizzes.

TIEI offers three-year full time academic programs, which are designed to cultivate and nurture postgraduate students who will be future engineers. The curriculum is carefully designed which combines in-class teaching and major-related internship.

Experiential learning with an emphasis on learning-through-practice has been adopted and utilized to train engineering students. With supervisors from universities and industries, the students will harvest intellectual development and hands-on skills.

When the students complete their study and meet the degree requirements, eligible students will be awarded master’s degree of Tianjin University and CTI certificate.

Establishment Background

In September 2009, Qiushi Honors College, was established in Tianjin University as an experimental center for training outstanding engineers. Qiushi Honors College is a pilot school designed to contribute significantly to the reform in engineering education by exploring the suitable modes for training outstanding innovative engineering talents. During the past five years (2009-2014), abundant achievements and rich experiences have been accumulated in talent training concepts and modes, and in engineering education system. Based on the rich experiences, QHC has accumulated in engineering education and in the cultivation of engineering talents, TIEI was founded on May 13, 2014. TIEI will integrate the experience from the French engineering training system with the unique conditions both in China and in QHC to foster more qualified engineers.