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The Collection of 2016-Begonia-Season Theme Postcard Starts

The Collection of 2016-Begonia-Season Theme Postcard Starts!

Release time: March 4th, 2016

The days of begonia blossom are full of youth and memory. Both campuses of Tianjin University are welcoming the beauty and fragrance of begonia blossom, and the 5th session of Tianjin University begonia season is coming with the spring wind. Now, we are to collect 2016-begonia-season theme postcards from all the teachers, students and alumni. Let the beautiful begonia and the talents of you and me jointly witness the honor and pleasure belonging to Tianjin University members.

Collection time:

March 4th to 16th, 2016

Collection requirements:

  1. The picture should include the pattern elements of: a. Tianjin University badge, b. Chinese and English names of Tianjin University, c. the cartoon image of the mascot “Haixiaotang” of TJU begonia-season (refer to the attachment for the details);

  2. The picture should include the fixed theme words of TJU begonia season: “Back to TJU to Enjoy the Begonia in Spring”;

  3. The picture size is 148mm X 100mm with the pixel not less than 300 DPI;

  4. The picture should be definitely related to the topic of “begonia”;

  5. If the photos of the reference materials are used, the name of the photographers should be indicated.

The selection explanation:

  1. After the end of the collection activity, the sponsor is to select the 2016-begonia-season theme postcards, print and release them.

  2. The excellent submissions are to be collectively exhibited during the begonia season serial activities in the forms of showcase, publicity brochure, TJU official weibo, wechat, and the excellent submitters can receive an exquisite souvenir.

  3. Please send the work in the format of JPEG to the email:tdhtj2016@163.com, and keep the manuscript for yourself.

The email should include the real name, the school (unit) and te