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Tianjin International Engineering Institute Successfully Held the Interview of the Students Recommended for Exemption of Examinations of 2018

During the two days ofSep.15th and 18th,TIEI held threeinterviews forstudents interview with three major.According to know, this year enter for TIEI interview examinee number obvious increased.For the exam more overt and transparent ,TIEI recruit students adopt video to record in whole process. And all candidates who enter the interview process should be qualified before the interview.Only after the qualification is approved can you enter the interview room for an interview.TIEI interview process is divided into English interview and professional interview.On the said, who candidate the major of Computer science needs toexamination with computer test. And whole interview process adopt to English speaking.Fully investigate the students' English proficiency and political literacy.Finally, according to the interview performance of the candidates and the comprehensive results of the ranking of the admission.The list of accepted candidate will published in TIEI official website.

TIEI positive exploreInternational engineering leadership training mode.Continuously improve teaching quality.In order to meet the needs of the innovation-oriented country.Service to the national One Belt And One Road strategic layout.To cultivate the needs of China's social and economic development and promote the technological progress of the world.A future international engineering leader with a rigorous attitude to solid basic innovative spirit and practical ability.

Tianjin International Engineering Institute Successfully Held the Recruitment Interview for Students Recommended for Exemption of Examinations of 2018

During the 2 days of Sep 15th and 18th, TIEI respectively held 3 recruitment interviews for students recommended for exemption of examinations according to different specialties. As is known to us, the number of students applying for TIEI recommended-exemption students this year is obviously increased than that of the previous years. To make the exams more open and transparent, the interviews adopt the whole-process recording, and operate the qualification verification for all the candidates before the interviews. After the verification, they can enter the examination room for interviews. It is known that the interview links of TIEI include English and specialty interviews. Additionally, the candidates applying for the specialty of computer science will also attend a computer test. The whole process of interviews adopts full-English, which fully tests the English level, specialty knowledge and politics qualities of the candidates. Finally, the excellent students will be selected and recruited according to the interview performance and the ranking of overall scores. The list of the candidates enrolled will be published on the official website of TIEI.

TIEI actively explores the international engineering leading talents training model, continuously improve the teaching quality to satisfy the demand for talents of the innovative national construction, and serve the strategic layout of the country’s “the Belt and Road Initiative” and train the future international engineering leading talents adaptive to China’s social and economic development demand and pushing forward the world engineering technology progress, with the rigorous attitude, solid basis, innovative spirits and hands-on capability.