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Collecting the design schemes with the TJU degree certificates

According to the regulations of the Degree Committee of the State Council and the Education Ministry documents [Degree (2015) No. 18], TJU is to design and print the degree certificates. Now we publicly start collecting the design schemes with TJU characteristics from all the students, faculty and alumni, and at the same time, we are to collect the design schemes of the graduation reel in 2016 in Tianjin University.

  1. Design category

  1. Doctoral, master and bachelor degree certificate of Tianjin University (the original copy of the Chinese version)

  2. Graduation reel of 2016 of Tianjin University

  1. Design requirement

  1. The design scheme should fully exhibit the campus culture and spirits, embody the theme of the running of TJU, the struggling targets and historic accumulation, to express the love towards Alma Mater and the passion from the teachers and students. (Tianjin University Constitution refers to the relevant web page of TJU:http://www.tju.edu.cn/tdgk/bxln/)

  2. The overall design of the work should be solemn, brief, with the connotation, should include the identifying elements of TJU (“TJU vision image identification system” refers to the relevant web page of TJU:http://e.tju.edu.cn/toModule.do?prefix=/News&page=/newsDetail.do?infoid=25454)

  3. The same design is adopted in principle, and distinguished by colors (to keep the historic continuity of the certificate style, the new version of the certificate is suggested to adopt the similar design color with the old version, not compulsory), for the doctors, red is adopted, for the masters, blue is adopted, for the bachelors, green is adopted). The design ideas of different categories should be traced to the same origin in style, but have differences in the detailed pattern.

  4. The size of the certificate is A4 (297 X 210mm), the back has no designing content.

  5. There should be TJU university name, badge in the design, the national emblem of the People’s Republic of China should not be used.

  6. The detailed content of the degree certificate should include but not limited in the following:

  1. The name, gender, birth date, photo of 2 inches of the receiver of the degree

  2. The discipline, specialty name of the degree

  3. The discipline category or specialty degree category of the degree granted

  4. Name of Tianjin University

  5. Signature of the President

  6. The serial number of the degree certificate: 16-place Arabic numerals

  7. The date of certificate releasing

  8. QR code identification

  1. The detailed content of the graduation reel

  1. The graduation message from the university leaders

  2. The place to paste the stamp

  3. The identification of Tianjin University, architecture, scenery and other elements

On the graduation reel, the message from the Party Secretary of Tianjin University and the President are written, the stamp of the 12 animals or the custom-made stamp are pasted, the roll is tied with the red silk ribbon and conferred on the graduation ceremony, with the best wishes for the graduates from the university.

  1. The collection and the selection

  1. Collection period: from today to November 15th, 2015.

  2. The university organizes the experts to select from the submitted works.

  3. The works passing the first selection are publicly exhibited in the web page, and voted online by the teachers and students of the university.

  4. The university organizes the arts designing experts and the relevant functional department principals to constitute an evaluation committee, give evaluations towards the works ranking in the front voted online.

  5. The evaluation results are to be published on TJU official website,Tianjin University Newspaper and TJU official weibo, wechat official account.

  6. The evaluation and exhibition of the works has no charges.

  1. Award setting

  1. Degree certificate design award is set

The 1st prize, 1, with the bonus of 5,000 RMB (with tax) + honorable certificate

The 2nd prize, 2, with the bonus of 3,000 RMB (with tax) + honorable certificate

The 3rd prize, 3, with the bonus of 2,000 RMB (with tax) + honorable certificate

  1. The designing award of the graduation reel

The 1st prize, 1, with the bonus of 1,000 RMB (with tax) + honorable certificate

The 2nd prize, 2, with the bonus of 800 RMB (with tax) + honorable certificate

The 3rd prize, 3, with the bonus of 500 RMB (with tax) + honorable certificate

  1. Submission notice

  1. The submissions should all be sent to the emailxwb@tju.edu.cn, with the title of “degree certificate submission”, theSituation Form of the Contributor of the Design Scheme of Degree Certificate and Graduation Reel (attachment 1) should be attached with the email, and the other forms of submissions are not accepted.

  2. Individual submission and team cooperation submission are welcome and the collective creation is encouraged. The team cooperation submission should have the agreement from all the members and get their names in advance.

  3. The presenting forms of the creation has no limit, the software used has no limit. When submitted, the certificate design should be presented in the form of picture, saved as the model of RGB and the format of JPG, with the size of the file no more than 2M, easy to be exhibited online. The work should have identification graph and the detailed introduction of the typeface assembly, color code and design concepts.

  4. The authors should keep the bitmap source file or vector file with the resolution ratio of 300 dpi for the printing and producing, and save them with the printing format of CMYK. The designer finally awarded should submit the work source file to the sponsor after the contacting with the sponsor. Authors cannot provide the source file after getting the awards are regarded as quitting the awards.

  5. The submissions should be the original work of the participants, not tort the right of the others’ registered brand, appearance design patent and the other texts protected by the intellectual property law. If the submissions involved in the plagiarizing, the corresponding author should bear all responsibilities, not the unit.’

  6. Other affairs:

The information releasing of this submission should all refer to this website, for the other affairs, please contact the degree office of Tianjin University.

Address: A314, Building 1895, Tianjin University, No. 135, Yaguan Road, Haihe Education Region of Tianjin.

Telephone: 022-85356085


Postgraduate Institute of Tianjin University

Teaching Affairs Office of Tianjin University

October 21st, 2015