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The Cultural Impact of Cambridge University on British Culture

Date:2:00pm, October 24th(Firday)

Location: Buding 26,Room B103

Speaker:Nicholas Chrimes

Introduction of the speaker:

Nicholas Chrimes, born in England 1951, worked most of his life within large business corporations. In the 1990s he established his own manufacturing company. At the turn of the century he left such work and finally took the old advice of many of his teachers and became an academic based at Cambridge.

He has written a top selling book on the university and town of Cambridge, entitled Cambridge - Treasure in the Fens. An edition was printed and published in Chinese by SDX Beijing in 2013. It has already been reprinted and a third printing is now anticipated.

He lectures in Cambridge on History of Art topics and about the history of the university itself. He is currently working on a book about English gardening. He is a great self-declared admirer of Chinese culture and during this second extended trip to China is keen to gather sufficient material to support a book on modern China aimed at the English market.