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Tianjin International Engineering Institute, Test Paper Management Regulations (Trial)

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In order to do the basic work and key links of the teaching quality of Tianjin International Engineering Institute, we should put an end to the phenomenon of cheating, strengthen the construction of the teaching style and study style, strengthen the confidentiality management of the examination and ensure the examination work smoothly. According to the "Tianjin University graduate course teaching management regulations", "Tianjin University on the strengthening of postgraduate examination management requirements" and the actual situation of our college, the following paper management regulations are formulated specially:

Chapter 1 Questions Setting and Test Paper Format

Article 1 Question setting should be in line with the requirements of the syllabus. Questions should cover a wide range of topics and the appropriate degree of difficulty, the distribution of scores should be reasonable; include a certain flexibility in the use of comprehensive knowledge, improve the subject.

Article 2 Question setting has no similarity with the previous test and similar courses.

Article 3 Test form specification::

(1)Use Tianjin University graduate course examination unified template, template can be downloaded from the Tianjin University Graduate School website "file form" column "related form download" area.

(2)There are two sets of questions for the public courses, specialized courses and elective courses offered exclusively by TIEI, and the coverage of the two sets of questions, the degree of difficulty and the weight of the subject should be equal. One for the formal exam and the other as a backup question.

(3)Test papers use Tianjin University graduate course examination unified format. The header information items must be completed.

(4)The test paper should indicate the name of the course. The name of the course should be standardized and accurate, which is consistent with the name of the course on the teaching plan and transcript.

(5)The page number and the total number of papers should be reflected in the papers with more than two pages.

(6)Test table header contains the performance column. The number of questions in the column should be consistent with the total number of questions, the subject score should be marked clearly.

(7)Questions and answers should be in the form of print, teachers who set the questions should check on the number of questions, scores and the text, symbols, charts and other seriously. No error is permitted.

Chapter 2 Test Questions and Scoring Criteria

Article 4 Reference answer should be done in the formal examination papers respectively, the difference between the two sets of papers should be indicated.

Article 5 The answers and score points shall be clear and specific. A variety of answers to one question should be included in the reference answer.

Article 6 Judgment criteria are clear and operational, and the scores for every step are clear.

Article 7 For the courses which use papers, papers and scoring standards (sealed archives) shall be prepared within one week prior to the course exam.

Article 8For the courses examined in the form of thesis, extracurricular homework or practical reports, and the examination requirements and scoring standards shall be published in advance and submitted to the teaching administrative department for archival filing.

Chapter 3 Test Paper Printing

Article 9 All the questions are printed on the computer. The paper is submitted after proofreading. After the validation of the department head or supervisor in charge of the teaching work and the approval of teaching manager, with the "test paper print notice" issued by TIEI, papers shall be submitted to TIEI at least one week before the examination and be unified print by designated unit.

Article 10 Test paper printing work shall be completed by the teacher, the faculties in TIEI are not allowed to participate. It is strictly forbidden to ask students to send or receive papers.

Article 11 Teachers should not pass the papers through network, mobile hard disk and other means to oneself or any staff apart from printing staff.

Article 12 After the printing, the test paper is sealed, and the teacher shall be responsible for the confidentiality of papers and papers custody work. Questions shall not be leaked and there is no need to give to teach management staff. Teachers take the papers to the examination room before the exam.

Chapter 4 Marking

Article 13 After the end of the examination, the teaching units shall organize teachers to mark examination of papers timely and strictly grasp the scoring standards. Marking shall be standardized, the points shall be accurate. Teachers shall mark in accordance with the scoring criteria of scientific, objective and impartial review of the papers, not free to add points.

Article 14 Marking operation specification:

(1)Mark with a red pen;

(2)When a course is taught by two or more, mark by assembly line method;

(3)Mark clearly and avoid modification. If modification is needed, the person shall sign and indicate the reasons for the change;

(4)Each deduction points and score points shall be specific and showed on the paper clearly.

Article 15 The assessment of the regular grade and the final exam grade shall have the appropriate supporting material, the overall score shall honestly reflect the students’ degree of mastering the course and learning condition。

Article 16 If the examination results need to be adjusted, the examiner shall apply to the college. After the signing of the opinion by the college, it shall get approval from Graduate School. Score adjustment must be adjusted as a whole and partial arbitrary adjustment is strictly prohibited.

Chapter 5 Results Management

Article 17 Course teachers shall timely input results into the information management system after assessment and submit transcripts to the TIEI teaching management department for the record. "Tianjin University graduate student transcripts" are used as unified template and it should be filled accurately and specifically. Transcripts can be from derived both the information management system and downloaded from the Tianjin University Graduate School website "file form" column "related form download" area.

Article 18 Signatures of course teachers, the school leader or department director and college (unit) seal are needed on the transcripts.

Article 19 For the courses which take the final examinations as the final results, the final result on the papers should be in line with the results of the transcripts.

Article 20 Examination results cannot be changed once submitted. If the results need to be modified, teachers who mark shall apply and get the consent of the course manager. The application shall be submitted to the TIEI teaching management department to get approval and archiving.

Chapter 6 Text Papers Staple and archives

Article 21 Teachers shall submit transcripts, assessment questions, assessment requirements, reference answers, scoring standards, assessment of the situation and other materials to the teaching management for archives.

Article 22 Specification of examination material archives:

(1)The contents of the paper include: the examination directory, the original title or blank papers, reference answers and scoring standards, student transcripts (supporting materials for the regular grades), students answer

(2)The number of student answers is the same as the number of students on the transcript. The order of student answers should be the same as that of the transcripts。

(3)After sorting, the papers are attached with a copy of the transcript and are bind with cover. The necessary course information shall be specified on the cover.

(4)The papers that are retaken shall be stapled with the course papers of the class, and the papersthat are retaken individually shall be re-booked separately.

Article 23 The papers archives are managed by the teachers in accordance with the curriculum. TIEI is responsible for the filing of the papers, arranging special rooms for the papers, and implementing centralized management to eliminate the loss of papers。

Article 24 The papers are archived and verified by the teaching and management personnel. The archives are classified and stored properly for retrieval and retrieval.

Article 25 All kinds of assessment materials, including papers, thesis, experimental reports are preserved by TIEI for 3 years.

Article 26 After postgraduates complete all the courses, TIEI reviews the Postgraduate Transcripts and submits to the postgraduate training office at the end of the fifth semester for archiving.