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Questionnaire of Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) Teaching Quality (designed for pre-graduates)

 Questionnaire of Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) Teaching Quality (designed for pre-graduates).docx


Dear graduates-to-be:

As time passes by, the delighted college life is coming to an end. At this moment, TIEI sincerely appreciate your cooperation and support. We invite you to fill in this feedback questionnaire, in order to investigate our teaching quality, and to improve our services.

In the future, TIEI will share its prosperity with you, and will always support you. We are proud of you, and wish you a future of success.


Scoring Criteria







1.The training goal of professional talent is clear, reasonably positioned. The training program effectively broadens students’ scope of knowledge and develop students’ potential.

2.Curriculums content is well arranged; the frontier knowledge is updated; the curriculum shows good consistency.

3. Teachers are knowledgeable, and prepare their lessons sufficiently. They are highly qualified and motive the students effectively.

4.The teaching aids are in appropriate use, and can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching.

5. The practical teaching is rich in content, and helps to improve the actual ability.

6. The teaching management system of TIEI is efficient, effective and with service awareness.

7. The cultural courses are comprehensive, and can fulfill students’ needs.

8. Extracurricular scientific and technological activities are well integrated with their study.

9. The experimental facilities meet the requirements. Experimental classes are of high quality.

10. Experimental facilities and electronic books and materials fulfill the need of students.

11. The system of rewards and penalties is reasonable, well managed, and cultivate compound and innovative talents.

1.Among all the courses and teachers, which ones leaves you the deepest impression?

2.Among the teaching processes of lecture, internship, experiment, graduation thesis, examination, etc., which one do you think is in the most need for improvement?

3.What suggestion do you have for the teaching program of TIEI?

Score Explanation:A: 91~100;B:81~90;C:71~80;D:61~70;E:below 60. Please fill the corresponding blanks with “√”.