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Tianjin International Engineering Institute Implementation Opinions of Strengthen Educational Supervision Work

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In order to further improve the teaching quality monitoring and security system and evaluation mechanism, deepen the reform of education, continually improve teaching quality, International Engineering Institute decide to establish teaching supervision committee.

Nature of Teaching Supervision Committee

Teaching supervision committee is the permanent panel of International Engineering Institute, which is authorized by college. It research, counsel, guide and assess and service college teaching.

Teaching supervision committee work around central mission of talent cultivation, educational reformation and development goals of educational construction. Based on the spirit of seeking truth from facts, the committee carries out inspection, supervision, guidance and evaluation to teaching process, and explores and researches reformation of college education. It also offers constructive comments and suggestions about college development and provides college with decision-making foundation.

Members of Teaching Supervision Committee

Teaching supervision committee implements appointment system, which is composed of employees of Tianjin University and some enterprises. Relevant administrative staff issue the appointment letters to appointed persons before the agreement of their colleges and themselves. The employment term is 3-4 years per session that can be continuous employment.

Members in Teaching Supervision Committee should have the following qualities:

1. Love education career, would like to make great contributions to college education, work seriously with responsibility , have spirit of selfless dedication;

2. Familiar with relevant educational principles, policies, regulations and relevant college regulations, familiar with the education rules, have professional and senior technical titles;

3. Seeking truth from facts, find and solve problems through investigation, can offer feasible reform proposals;

4. Be in good health, have time and energy to participate in supervision and generally not more than 70 years old.

Responsibilities of Teaching Supervision Committee

Members of Teaching Supervision Committee are responsible for supervising and directing each link of college talent cultivation, that includes recruitment, amendment of training plan, college project and development, monitoring of education process and so on. Details as following:

1. Cultivation quality inspection. Inspect on the process, effects and quality of college talent cultivation, study and discuss the methods and approaches of safeguarding quality of every training link;

2. Inspection of teaching management. Supervise the management standardization of every college talent cultivation, etc.;

3. Guide the college’s professional construction, teaching material construction, teaching reform, teaching practice and construction of practice base and laboratory;

4. Supervision of the teachers qualifications. Check the qualification of tutors and course teachers and supervise engagement procedure;

5. Take part in all kinds of teaching evaluation. Sum up the experiences of education and management, timely feedback the problems in inspection and offer constructive opinions and suggestions;

6. Complete other tasks entrusted by the college.

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